Backyard Flower Gardens

Introduction to Backyard Flower Gardens:

Backyard flower gardens are a great way to relax, whether you are indulging in building, preparing, organizing your garden or if you are just simply sitting down relaxing on your porch staring at the peaceful design of your work. A well groomed garden will add value to any home by the allure and aromas that they produce as well as the pleasant visual sense that it will add to your home. Many individuals take pride in their backyard garden designs and here are a few tips that can help you along the way with yours.

Backyard Flower Gardens for Wildlife:

Backyard Bird Gardens: Add color and life to your backyard flower gardens by adding a bird garden into your design. Add feeders with bird seed, or add bird houses for your flighty friends to nest in, or even add certain flowers to attract them to your outdoor oasis. You will be able to stare out your window and watch the many different types of birds that will flock to your backyard garden designs.

Suet Bird Feeders: Suet bird feeders are great to use in the winter time as suet is high in fat and keeps your feathered friends warm. Suet bird feeders are also great in the spring time during their busy time when they are full of energy and building nests and preparing for their little ones. Your birds will appreciate the extra effort you put into providing them with this tasty treat.

Wildlife Gardens: Would you like to look out your window and find all types of wildlife wandering all throughout your backyard? Wildlife gardens are easily created by knowing what types of plants, flowers, nuts or berries attracts what type of wildlife critter. Wildlife require areas for hiding, so placement of your plants and flowers can be crucial in getting your more timid wildlife friends to feel at home within your garden. A water feature, accessible by the short and the tall, would be a great addition for your wildlife garden. Lastly, you will want to make sure that your backyard flower gardens are calm enough, and properly laid out, where wildlife will want to live. If done right, you will be surprised at the visitors you will get!

Small Backyard Flower Gardens:

Backyard Ponds: Koi fish, frogs, and turtles, oh my! These are just a few of the creatures that might live in your backyard pond. There are many different types of pond plants that you can choose from that will prove to be useful within your backyard pond. Plants help add oxygen into the water or make your pond look more natural and spectacular. With a little thought and time, and the ideas you're likely to find within these pages, your pond is sure to be a focal point within your backyard flower gardens.

Container Gardening: If you simply just don’t have the outdoor space to use, container gardening may just be for you. Porches, decks, or patios make great places for container gardening. You can use hanging baskets, planter boxes, plastic pots, porcelain pots and more. The choices of containers you use is all up to your imagination and the vision you see for your container garden.

Small Garden Design: If you give it some thought, chances are you can find numerous places around your home where a small garden would transform an otherwise dull and unused area into a work of art. Coming up with the right ideas can be tricky. Look through several different design ideas that you can incorporate into your own backyard flower gardens, and you never know, you just might find one that you haven't thought of before!

Decorations for Backyard Flower Gardens:

Garden Fountains: Garden Fountains are very versatile and can be used in virtually any of your backyard flower gardens. Garden fountains add that tranquil sound of flowing water that will quickly put you at ease. There are many to choose from that range in price, size and style. You are sure to find that perfect addition for your backyard flower gardens.

Garden Lights: You can’t go wrong by adding garden lights to any garden. There are countless options in garden lights, ranging in color, size, shape, function and design. There are garden lights that are economically friendly and use very little electricity. Or you can choose solar powered lighting that will still add that desired ambiance to your backyard garden designs.

Porch Swing: Ahhh…what better way to kick back and relax in comfort with the surroundings of your backyard garden designs. A porch swing can be found in many different styles and colors so you will be sure to find that special one that will fit your needs. With the right swing, you'll find yourself making excuses to get out of the house.

Bringing Your Backyard Flower Gardens Indoors:

House Plants: House Plants, with all their vibrant green foliage, can bring the outdoor world inside your home! House plants make your living space that much more appealing. Strategically place house plants throughout your home to liven up every room, or group them together and turn one room into a veritable tropical forest. The choice is up to you!

Indoor Garden Supplies: The right indoor garden supplies will allow you to bring many of your favorite backyard garden designs indoors, when the weather becomes inhospitable. While not all plants will survive the transition, many can and will thrive indoors with the right growing conditions. There are many factors to consider when growing plants indoors, and the right supplies can make the difference between a successful indoor garden, and a failed one.

Starting Backyard Flower Gardens:

Discount Garden Supplies: Backyard gardens are not complete without the proper tools to maintain it. With so many different options out there to choose from, where do you begin? Start off by educating yourself on the supplies themselves. There are countless supplies out there that can make tending to your garden a true joy. Don't work hard, work smart!

Starting a Garden: Pick up your shovel and go! Pick the ideal spot for the type of garden you want to start, whether you need full sun, partial sun or shade. Measure out the size of the backyard garden designs you would like, then draw the outline with spray paint, string, or even your garden hose. From there, start shoveling! You are going to want to rid that area of any weeds, grass, or rocks. This is the beginning stage of starting a garden. Look inside for further steps.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas: Sometimes you feel the need to add more than just flowers into your garden. Well planned backyard landscaping can add that pizzazz to your garden that you are looking for. There are many different types of stones that you can build walls or paths with, cobblestone, brick, flagstone, etc. The possibilities are endless. Simply add some landscaping lights and turn your garden into a nighttime delight. Or add a wrought iron fence, a vinyl fence or a split rail fence to your backyard garden designs and the look will instantly change.

Maintaining Backyard Flower Gardens:

Gardening Mulch: The look of your garden will change the minute you add gardening mulch to your flower beds. Gardening mulches add nutrients to your plants, as well as reduce the time you spend pulling out those pesky weeds. Gardening mulches range in color and type. Be sure to choose the best gardening mulch for the types of flowers and plants that you have growing in your backyard garden designs.

Tumbling Composter: Composting is not only a great way to go green and help the planet, but it is also fun and rewarding as well! No matter what size your backyard garden designs are, you will be amazed at how beneficial good compost can be. Composting doesn't need to be back-breaking work. Learn about the design and uses of a tumbling composter, and see just how easy composting can really be!

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Backyard Flower Gardens
Backyard Flower Gardens

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Backyard Flower Gardens
Backyard Flower Gardens
Backyard Flower Gardens