Backyard Garden Ideas

Backyard Garden Ideas Introduction:

I think it’s safe to say that most of us have garden ideas that we would love to see come to fruition. I mean really, who ever says they want a back yard overgrown with weeds right? For a lot of people, the problem isn’t always coming up with the ideas, it’s having the know how to take those ideas and make them a reality. In this article we will explore some of the more uncommon garden ideas.

Plan, Plan, Plan!: If you start reading through a lot of the articles on this site, you will find that we harp on this pesky notion of planning a lot, almost obsessively so. This isn’t just a thinly veiled attempt to add words to the page, but rather a plea for some genuine creativity! I have known gardeners young and old alike and one of the most common things I see across the board is people randomly selecting plants at the local nursery based solely on a pretty bloom, and then those same plants will end up in some random location in their backyard. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy plants and flowers that you love, that’s not it at all! What I’m suggesting is once you find a plant that you like, take the time to educate yourself about it, and come up with suitable garden ideas in which to incorporate it into. You need to know a little about the plant you’ve just purchased before you can stick it in the ground. How big does it get at full maturity? How much water does the plant typically require? Does it bloom in the spring, summer, or fall? These are all considerations you need to plan for if you would like a thriving, successful garden.

Planning Your Backyard Garden Ideas:

If you buy a plant that seems the right size in the nursery, and plant it close together in your existing garden, you may very well find that it will crowd out, or be crowded out by its neighbors in the coming years. When planning your garden ideas, make sure you match plants up according to their mature size, not just the size of the pot you bought them in. This will make sure your final design will look balanced and not lopsided by mismatched plants.

Water requirements are a vital concern in your backyard garden ideas. Some plants you will find require much more water than others and you are going to want to space these out to prevent over or under watering of each type. Try to find companion plants that have similar growing requirements. In the long run this will save you a lot of headaches.

Timing Your Backyard Garden Ideas:

Knowing the bloom schedule of the plants in your backyard garden ideas is important if you want the garden to continue to impress throughout the entire growing season. It’s very common to plant a mass of bulbs in a garden and sure you will have an impressive display in the early spring, but after the first month you’re left with yellowing plants because the flowers have expended themselves. Try to find a nice mixture of plants that bloom at various stages of the year, that way you can enjoy the garden all year long!

Containers!: Container gardens are often overlooked and underused compared to more traditional gardens. Don’t discount the value of containers as a design all by themselves. Container gardens offer a versatility that can’t be achieved by other styles of backyard garden ideas. These days you can find a container to fit any style imaginable, and you can combine different containers on your patio or deck to make any arrangement you can think of. Containers offer you the ability to move your plants from one location to another if the mood strikes you, and they also offer independent growing conditions , allowing you to grow lush annuals in one, and arid succulents in another, side by side.

Edible Backyard Garden Ideas:

Try Growing Edibles: Now we’re not suggesting your parents’ veggie garden here but rather something more ornamental, but also practical. There are numerous garden ideas that you can use in the kitchen, but don’t require acres and acres of farm land. Dwarf fruit trees are one such idea. You can grow them in large planters, keep them pruned to a reasonable size, and they will produce enough fruit for an occasional snack. Herb plants are also great ideas for growing in your backyard because they can be kept fairly compact, they are generally low maintenance, and many of them give off exceptional fragrances. And if veggies truly are your thing, you can plant the odd tomato or pepper plants.

Escape Into Your Yard: Some of my favorite backyard garden ideas are those that turn your outdoor area into its own living space. These types of ideas can range from simple to outrageously elaborate. Decks and patio furniture are so common that grocery stores are now selling them, but what about an outdoor bar surrounded by exotic plants? How about wooden box planters with topiaries, sitting on a stone patio sunk into the ground? You could also get creative with fountains and water features and turn your backyard into a tropical laguna retreat. Try to think about garden ideas that give YOU a sense of peace and tranquility, and start thinking of ways to put them all together.

Yardscaping Backyard Garden Ideas:

Yardscaping: A rather new form of gardening has come about in recent years that offers all kinds of backyard garden ideas, and it uses leftover everyday items, and turns them into works of art. Folks have taken items such as old doorknobs and mesh burner covers, steel plates and all sorts of leftover materials that most of us would consider suitable for the scrap heap, and they have refinished them and given them a new life in their gardens. This type of abstract gardening isn’t for everyone, and there’s a fine line between garbage and art, but if you have the eye for it, you just might find treasures where you least expect them.

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Backyard Garden Ideas
Backyard Garden Ideas
Backyard Garden Ideas
Backyard Garden Ideas
Backyard Garden Ideas