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Introduction to Best Climbing Roses:

Many new growers will frequently ask the question, "What is the best plant to grow?", within a given family of plants. Roses are really no different and this is a question that I hear frequently. The problem with this question is it assumes that a plant will grow the same in any location you place it in. As many of us have learned the hard way over the years, this is not the case. What works well in one person's garden may just grow disastrously in another's.

So the real and only answer to this question is, what works best for you! Now that said we can certainly narrow the field down considerably, as there are a lot of roses out there that you have to choose from. There are a number of factors that you can take into consideration to determine what the best climbing roses would be for you and your garden. Let's discuss a few of them here!

Best Climbing Roses for Fragrance:

Fragrance is a trait that believe it or not I find often overlooked when buying roses. A great many growers will buy their roses from local garden centers, usually when the roses are in full bloom, and the decisions are frequently made based more on looks than any other attribute. Don't get me wrong, a rose bush has to look good if it's going to make it into any of your landscaping ideas, but fragrance is an important part of the decision. The right rose can add an incredible scent to your garden that will make you want to come back to it again and again.

There are a number of award winning climbing roses that have fragrances ranging from light honey scent, such as the white Iceberg climbing rose, to strong damask scented roses like the timeless Don Juan red climbing rose. You can find the best climbing roses with just about any fragrance you are looking for, so make sure this is one of your criteria before purchasing roses. In my experiences, many of the commercially sold roses in the big box stores are quite pretty, but usually lacking in fragrance.

Best Climbing Roses in Red:

Red roses are by far the most popular roses purchased today so I would be amiss if I didn't include them here in this article. While climbing roses are not the most commonly purchased rose bush when compared to the floribundas and hybrid teas, there are some amazing options you can pick from. In the previous section I mentioned the Don Juan climbing red rose, this is one option that you find in just about every article about the best climbing roses.

The Don Juan grows up to about 10 to 12 feet tall at full maturity, which is a good size for a climbing rose, but certainly not the largest. This medium size is actually a benefit to most landscaping designs that otherwise would not be suited for a larger rose bush. The blooms on the Don Juan have ruffled edges and a velvet textures and form at the end of nice long stems so they are a great option for cut flower arrangements. Another great feature is the Don Juan has a very strong damask fragrance so this particular red rose will not only make your garden smell nice when it is in full bloom, but it also makes for a pretty stunning bouquet.

Best Climbing Roses in White:

If white roses are more your style, I'm with ya! I love the best climbing roses in all colors, but there is just something about traditional white roses that I admire again and again. If you are looking for a white climbing rose then you really need to take a look at the Iceberg rose. This particular variety is usually found as a floribunda but it is available as a climbing rose if you look around. I just happen to have a climbing Iceberg rose that grows up the front of my house and I eagerly await its blooms every season!

The Iceberg rose is actually very low maintenance too, which makes it a great option for growers who want to have a great garden, but just don't have the patience to spend every weekend out there grooming. I spend about 15 minutes at the start of every season pruning my Iceberg rose and doing a bit of shaping. Beyond that I let her grow pretty much how she wants for the whole season and all I do is go out and dead head it once or twice a week just to keep it blooming. The truth is though even when I'm not so diligent, it will still keep blooming right up to the end of the season anyway!

Best Climbing Roses in Pink:

I couldn't take the time to write an article about red and white climbing roses and forget to talk about pink roses. Did you that pink roses are among the oldest of all the roses that we have records of? If you are looking for a great pink climbing rose then you should take a look at the Morning Magic climbing rose.

Bred by the world famous grower Bill Radler, who introduced the world to the Knock Out family of roses, Morning Magic rose has all of the same great qualities that growers love in the Knock Out, packed into a compact little climber. While the Morning Magic rose does not have a fragrance, it is highly resistant to diseases and only grows up to about 6 to 8 feet tall. If you are looking for a great performing pink climbing rose to work into your landscaping, the Morning Magic climbing rose just might be the one for you!

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