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Browse botanical gardens from all around the world. These gardens are some of the most beautiful, professionally landscaped grounds you're likely to find anywhere. From lush green foliage, to finely manicured trees; or thick blooming flowers to rolling streams and brooks, gardens offer unmatched peace and serenity. Find inspiration within these pages for your own home or garden, or just enjoy the wondrous splendor these gardens have to offer.

Southern Botanical Gardens:

Asheville Botanical Gardens: The Asheville Gardens are located just north of Downtown Asheville. The Southern Appalachian mountains, one of the most diverse temperate ecosystems in the world. The Gardens also are the location of the Cole Library, a wealth of knowledge in the area for botany and ecology that contains more than 1000 books. The Gardens at Asheville are open year round from sunrise to sunset and admission is free.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens: Started back in 1973 by civic-minded Atlantans with a mission to develop and maintain plant collections for the purposes of education, research, and conservation. A diverse collection of gardens are available for viewing. A Tropical Rotunda with hundreds of species of tropical plants. A Desert House containing collections native to Southern Africa and Madagascar. A High Elevation House that features plants native to the Cloud Forest of the Andes Mountains. As well as a 6000 square foot Orchid Display House to name a few.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens: Located SE of downtown Birmingham, these gardens are the largest living museum in Alabama. Sitting on more than 67 acres, the Gardens have over 10,000 different living plants, as well as 25 unique gardens, miles of peaceful and serene paths, and over 30 works of outdoor sculpture. Among the many garden collections you will find the Asian Glade, Hulsey Woods, the Ireland Iris Garden, Barber Alabama Woodlands, and many others for your enjoyment and inspiration.

Florida Botanical Gardens: Showcasing fauna, flora, and natural resources, the Gardens educate and inspire visitors in motivational surroundings that promote environmentally friendly techniques. Admission is free and the Gardens are open year round. In addition to an Aquatic Habitat and a 60 acre Natural Area, you will also discover a Tropical Walk & Courtyard, Formal Wedding Garden, Palm, Succulent, Bromeliad, and Butterfly Gardens, as well as seasonal Planting Displays.

Northeastern Botanical Gardens:

Brookside Gardens: Complete with a horticultural reference library in the visitor's center, this award-winning display garden is situated on 50 acres with Wheaton Regional Park in Maryland. The gardens include an Aquatic Garden, a Butterfly Garden, a Rose Garden, as well as a Japanese Style Garden. The Main features of the garden include an Aquatic Garden, Azalea Garden, Gude Garden (a japanese style landscape), a Nature center, and a Reflection Terrace dedicated to the memory of the 10 victims of the DC Snipers.

Buffalo Botanical Gardens: This breathtaking conservatory, made up of 9 greenhouses and 3 glass domes, is a natural historic site. An extensive education center and tourist destination, the gardens are filled with exotic horticultural treasures, most native to tropical and sub-tropical regions. This Garden features a 67' tall Palm Dome, fill with tropical fruit trees and magnificent palms. It also offers an Orchid House, Victorian Ivy & Herb House, Panama Cloud Forest & Epiphyte Pavillion, Desert House, as well as a Fern House & Tropical Rainforest. Entry to these Gardens is a paid admission.

Goodstay House and Gardens: Travel back in time by visiting the Goodstay property and enjoy the experience of a garden dating back to 1740. The house and garden are a piece of history with an interesting story to share. Enjoy the 100 year old wisteria, boxwood hedges, and gravel walks, all of which are typical of that era. Along with a formal garden and woodland natural garden, there is also a spring-fed stream. The Goodstay Gardens are open to the public and are part of the University of Delaware.

Hershey Gardens: 23 Acres of seasonal displays and spectacular beauty located in Chocolate-Town USA! Offering year-round inspiration and beauty, the Gardens have something for everyone. Visit the historical Rose Garden, where it all started back in 1937, with original roses hand-planted by Hershey's gardeners. The Butterfly House hosts plants for egg-laying and caterpillar feeding, and has nectar plants for food to support the nearly 300 butterflies living within. These Gardens also feature a Rock Garden, Arboretum, Japanese Garden, as well as many others.

Longwood Gardens: Exquisite flowers, opulent architecture, and majestic trees are sure to delight anyone who visits these gardens. You'll find beauty at every turn of this 1050 acre site, complete with 20 outdoor, and 20 indoor gardens. Come see the Conservatory, the Fountains, the Peirce-duPont House, as well as the many outdoor gardens.

New York Botanical Gardens: Explore this National Historic Landmark's 250 acres of diverse gardens, including 30,000 magnificent trees. Seasonal exhibitions featuring a cactus-filled desert and a tropical rain forest inside a landmark glasshouse that can be seen nowhere else in New York. The Haupt Conservatory opened in 1902 and it the nation's largest Victorian-era glasshouse. Restored in 1997, it is home to the world's most comprehensive collection of palm trees under glass. Other exhibits in the Garden include the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden, the Benenson Ornamental Conifers, The Stone Mill (another New York City Landmark), and an exquisite 8,000+ orchid collection.

Norfolk Botanical Gardens: Nationally recognized for its deep-rooted history, the Garden is now one of the largest collections of roses, azaleas, rhododendrons, and camellias on the East Coast. Among the 155 acre site are 95 species of birds, 30 types of butterflies, and 30 distinctive themed gardens. The Renaissance Court is designed along the classic lines of late 16th century Italian Renaissance and is magnificent in design and beauty. The Japanese Garden, created in 1962, was inspired by traditional pond and hill styles of many gardens of that genre, and feature many signature elements.

Tropical Botanical Gardens:

Honolulu Botanical Gardens: Housing the largest collection of tropical plants in the US, these Gardens are dedicated to the conservation of tropical and subtropical plants from around the world. Open year-round, these five distinct gardens are located in different ecological settings around Oahu, and offer visitors the opportunity to explore the diverse plant collections.

Kauai Botanical Gardens: The Na ‘Aina Kai gardens in Hawaii actually means “Lands by the Sea”. These 240 acres are ever-changing and are quite unique among their kind. This site was once a private estate but now is home to a rare collection of plants and flowers, not to mention over 90 different bronze statues and sculptures throughout the gardens, one of the biggest collections in the nation.

Key West Tropical Forest & Garden: Home to many threatened and endangered fauna and flora, this Garden is the only frost free botanical garden in the US. The forest is a major migratory point for tropical birds, and it also contains two of the Keys' last remaining fresh water ponds. Come enjoy this one of a kind garden and tropical forest.

Marie Selby Gardens: An open-air and under-glass museum nestled on 14 acres in a brick-laid residential area of Sarasota. Thousands of exotic and colorful plants have been collected from the wild by Selby Garden's research staff on more than 200 expeditions to tropical rain forests. Perhaps best known for its collection of over 6,000 orchids, Selby Gardens also has seven greenhouses at the heart of its botanical research.

Western Botanical Gardens:

Desert Botanical Gardens: This 145 acre Garden, with its 50,000+ beautifully showcased outdoors exhibits, has been inspiring and teaching visitors from the local community and around the world, for more than 70 years. With an emphasis on Southwestern geography, the Garden is committed to the advance of education, exhibition, research, and conservation of all desert plants around the world. You begin your tour of this Garden in the Ottosen Entry Garden, showcasing dramatic displays of succulents and cacti and the diversity and beauty of desert plants. Spend your day exploring several loop trails filled with wildflowers, herbs, and even a yucca forest!

Mendocino Coast Gardens: From thunderous waves to colorful displays, the mild maritime climate makes it a garden for all seasons. With a dense coastal pine forest, fern-covered canyons, manicured formal gardens, and flower-filled coastal bluffs, the Gardens attract nature lovers and gardener from around the world. It truly is a jewel on the Pacific Coast.

Tucson Botanical Gardens: With 16 variety gardens and themes dedicated to ecological and horticultural education, these Gardens are an oasis in the heart of Tucson. Some of the attractions include an Iris Garden, Backyard Bird Garden, Aloe Alley, Xeriscape Garden, Cactus and Succulents, and a Native American Crops Garden.

Midwestern Botanical Gardens:

Lauritzen Gardens: This Center in Omaha is a living museum maintained to the highest standards of environmental stewardship. This urban oasis, with its unique four season plant displays, offers visitors an experience of peace and tranquility. Conveniently situated in the riverfront hills, discover this hidden oasis in the city.

Myriad Botanical Gardens: Opened in 1988, this 17 acre garden is nationally recognized, featuring an amazing 224 foot long circular jungle called the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory. Graced with towering palms, crashing waterfalls, exotic plantings, and abundant animal life, the conservatory is truly an architectural treasure.

Olbrich Gardens: Features 16 acres of display gardens showcasing prairie style architecture and Midwest hardy plants. This site offers the only Thai Garden & Pavilion in the continental US. The Gardens are also home to a 50 foot high glass pyramid known as the Bolz Conservatory that houses free-flying birds, a rushing waterfall, year-round blooming orchids, and a diverse tropical plant collection.

San Antonio Garden: This garden, located in the heart of San Antonio, sits on 33 acres of land and is owned and operated as a nonprofit organization by the city of San Antonio. The Garden is home to a wide variety of formal and display gardens, including a fragrant Rose Garden, a Sensory Garden for the blind, an authentic Kumamoto En Japanese Garden, a Conservatory with individually controlled environments housing plant collections from all around the world, as well as many others. If you are looking for garden designs that are suited for the hot and arid Texas climate, you've found the right place!

South Texas Gardens: One of Corpus Christi's leading nature tourism facilities, and a major visitor destination for the Coastal Bend area, these Gardens feature nine unique gardens and floral exhibits. They also showcase the acclaimed Plumeria Garden and Orchid House, as well as the Butterfly House and Bromeliad Conservatory.

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