Buffalo Botanical Gardens

Buffalo Botanical Gardens Hours & Location:

Hours: The Buffalo Gardens are open from 10:00am–5:00pm year round, Mondays through Sundays. The Gardens are a paid admission garden and general admission tickets are not valid during special show days.

Contact Info: The Buffalo Gardens are located at 2655 South Park Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14218 - Phone: 716-827-1584

Collections at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens:

The Buffalo Gardens are a popular tourist destination, education center, and historical site, that is fill with exotic examples of horticulture. While the Gardens do contain plant life native to Buffalo's temperate climate, most of the collections trace their origins to sub tropical and tropical regions from all over the world. The Buffalo Gardens is made up of nine different greenhouses and 3 large glass domes that sit on over eleven acres of land that occupy the entrance to the historical South Park in Buffalo.

The Palm Dome:  This sixty seven foot tall glass dome is filled with magnificent fruit trees and tropical palms. Visitors to this exhibit will first be introduced to a globe that shows the “Buffalo Meridian”, a line of longitude that circumnavigates the globe. The plant collections in this display will take guests on a walking tour around the world, showcasing plants, people, and places that are connected to the Gardens via this meridian.

Florida Everglades:  Visitors to the Everglades house in the Buffalo Botanical Gardens will learn the importance of the world’s wetlands, which act as a natural means of water filtration, and ways that we can help preserve these precious lands. This house also displays natural wetland habitats, as well as the plant and animal life that can be found within them.

Panama Cloud Forest & Epiphyte Pavilion:  This recreated forest canopy invites guests to view the habitat of epiphytes the way they exist and live in the wild, two hundred feet above the floor of the rainforest. This exhibit also incorporates varieties of tillandsia, bromeliads, and exotic orchids as part of this natural display.

Houses at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens:

Seasonal Show House:  This site is host to several flower shows that come to the Garden’s during the course of the year. With its elegantly draped living ivy and the collection of colorful tropical plants, this house is a popular location for weddings at the Gardens, along with showers, meetings, cocktail parties, and other special events. Visitors interested in renting out the location can call 716-827-1584 for more details.

Victorian Ivy & Herb House:  The Ivy House in the Buffalo Botanical Gardens is home to the world’s largest collection of public ivy. The exhibit contains over four hundred different varieties of ivy, intermingled throughout the display. A truly wonderful exhibit for the senses, this house is well planted with herbs and scented geraniums, and it also contains numerous water features with a grotto and gazebo covered in flowing vines of ivy.

Orchid House:  One of the more popular attractions at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens is the orchid house. This amazing display showcases a variety of colorful and stunning orchids that are displayed when in full bloom. Among the varieties found here are cattleyas, dendrobiums, cymbidiums, and many other unusual and unique species of orchids.

Begonia House:  The Begonia House is a treasure trove of color and texture in the Gardens. Regardless of what time of the year it is, begonias are noted for their dazzling display and large, brightly colored foliage. There are few people who are not amazed by the magnificent exhibitions these plants offer.

Displays at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens:

Tropical House:  The Buffalo Botanical Gardens Tropical House is a rare and exciting collection of plants from regions found all over the world. Some of the highlights include the pepperomia, the shrimp plant, yesterday today and tomorrow plants, sensitive plant, and even finely sculptured tropical bonsai trees call this tropical house home. There are even unusual and uncommon types of flowering houseplants found in this display.

Desert House:  The Desert House at the Gardens houses a large and extensive collection of succulents and cacti from arid, desert regions around the world. One of the prominent features of the exhibit is a collection of unique succulents and lithop varieties from South Africa. Agave plants and giant cacti found in North American deserts are also featured here, along with African sansevieras and Euphorbs.

Fern House & Tropical Rainforest:  This recreated rain forest in the heart of the Buffalo Gardens features a thirty foot tall waterfall that is surrounded by lush banana trees and a pond that provides a habitat for varieties of koi fish and various aquatic plants. Among the cycads and ferns, visitors will find large topiaries whose plant species are survivors of ancient times in the evolution of plants.

Front Entrance Garden:  The entrance to the Buffalo Botanical Gardens greets visitors and friends with thousands of tropical plants, annuals, and spring bulbs that offer a warm welcome to all who arrive at the gardens.

Rose Garden:  Rose enthusiasts will love visiting the Garden’s rose collection. This garden is an excellent resource for gardeners and hobbyists who are looking for roses who are disease resistant, and hardy enough to survive the Buffalo climate.

Other Points of Interest at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens:

Shrub & Perennial Garden:  Originally designed to be included in the arboretum, the perennial garden contains a collection of unusual, and sometimes rare, trees, shrubs, annuals, and perennial plants. These meticulously cultivated beds are selectively planted with combinations of plants that provide flowers and foliage throughout all the year’s seasons.

Children's Garden:  The Buffalo Gardens provides children with an invaluable educational tool in this garden. A butterfly garden, water features, fragrant smelling herbs, and several digging areas invite the Garden’s younger guests to take a hand on approach to their gardening.

South Park Arboretum:  This historical park was originally planned to be an arboretum, with trees being grouped together according to their families. The vast majority of the collection dates back to the original trees planted between 1894 and 1910.

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Buffalo Botanical Gardens
Buffalo Botanical Gardens
Buffalo Botanical Gardens
Buffalo Botanical Gardens
Buffalo Botanical Gardens