Bulb Flower Gardens

Colorful bulb flower gardens can bring an area to life like nothing else! Bulbs are an extremely popular choice for gardeners of all ages because they are easy to grow, readily available in most stores, and can blend in with virtually any garden theme. While planting bulbs may be a common choice for most people, not everyone knows the In’s and Out’s on how to plant them, and how to care for them. Read further for some great planting tips.

Amaryllis Bulb Gardens:

Amaryllis Bulbs: Amaryllis bulbs are very popular as a gift idea because they do extremely well indoors. Depending on the variety, these bulb flowers typically bloom in the fall, or in the middle of winter. If you are fortunate enough to live in the warmer climate zones, 9 or 10, you can get away with planting bulbs flower gardens in a location with full sun, as long as it has well drained soil. Some varieties of amaryllis bulbs are shipped pre-potted to make it as easy as possible on the end consumer, again adding to their value as a gift idea.

Bulb Plants: There are a wide variety of bulb flowers available on the market today. Bulb plants are typically perennials, meaning they usually will return the following year. A bulb plant is defined as a plant that stores its entire cycle of life in the bulb itself. In this article we will discuss various types of bulb plants and how to grow them.

Begonia Bulb Flower Gardens:

Begonia Bulbs: A common misconception about begonias is that they are planted as bulbs, when in fact a begonia comes from either a rhizome or a tuber, depending on the variety. To some people they may wonder, what is the difference? If you were to cut open a traditional bulb, you will find the leaves and flower all formed together in the nice little package. That is much different than a tuber. Here we can lay it out for you and explain all the different ways you can grow begonias.

Dahlia Flowers: Dahlias are another one of those plants that most people think grow from bulbs, when in reality they are cultivated from tubers. This difference is actually what allows dahlias to survive much more temperate climates than they are native to. The dahlia plants will go through a period of dormancy where the tubers can be dug up and stored in above freezing temperatures, and then replanted when the weather warms.

Freesia Bulbs: Freesia is a common cut flower used in arrangements you might purchase from various flower shops. Freesia is actually not grown from bulbs at all, but rather corms. Freesia is also grown as a popular house plant because its blooms are extremely fragrant. If you are looking for information on how to grow freesia bulbs, you’ve come to the right place!

Daylily Bulb Flower Gardens:

Daylily Bulbs: Daylily bulbs are a popular favorite among bulb flower gardens. The reason is possibly due to their unusually high success rate in varying conditions. Daylilies can thrive in zones from 3 up to 9 and add a certain exotic touch to whatever garden they are planted in. Daylilies come in a huge array of varieties and colors, making them especially versatile and adaptable. If you are thinking about adding daylilies to your garden, you will want to read further to learn some great tips!

Garden Layouts: If you are looking for garden layouts that you can use at home in your own garden, then look no further. We have various designs that you can incorporate into any garden theme. Whether you are looking for annuals, perennials, bulb flowers, or some mixture of each, look inside to find numerous ideas to help get you started.

Mothers Day Plants: Mother’s Day is a special occasion that you should let your own mother know how much she is appreciated. There are an infinite number of options available to choose from, but how do you know which one is the right one? Bulb flowers are a common Mother’s Day gift, but if you are not a gardener yourself, you may not know which to choose from. Here we will try to expand on the most common plants that are found in shops and vendors on this special day. Many of which mom can plant at home in her bulb flower gardens!

Crocus Bulb Flower Gardens:

Saffron Crocus Bulbs: Saffron is a spice that is so expensive, many growers have toyed with the notion of growing their own saffron crocuses to harvest the spice themselves. While it is not difficult to grow these in flower gardens, the harvestable portion of the plant is quite small, so it will take dozens of crocus blooms in order to harvest one useable tablespoon of spice. If you are still interested, continue on to learn how to grow saffron crocus bulbs.

Siberian Squill: Siberian squill is an exceptionally hardy plant that easily adapts to most soil conditions. The plants themselves may look delicate, but looks are deceiving. At only 6 inches high, these blue flowers really make a statement when grouped together en mass.

Tulip Bulb Flower Gardens:

Planting Tulip Bulbs: Tulips bloom in the early spring time, so you will need to get your bulbs in the ground in the fall if you want to have a stunning display the following year. If you would like step by step instructions on planting bulb flower gardens, then read on. In just a few simple steps you too can have a garden that is the envy of your neighbors.

Storing Tulip Bulbs: Storing tulip bulbs is a rather easy process. The first method to go about it is to just leave them in the ground after they bloom and Mother Nature does the rest. The other way is to dig them up so that you can sort them and divide them, but they will need special care if you intend to replant them in the fall. Learn how to properly care for your tulip bulbs between growing seasons.

When to Plant Bulbs: Bulb flower gardens typically need to be planted in the fall, at least six weeks before the ground freezes over. Depending on where you live, this actual time will vary based on your climate. For more detail on when to plant bulbs, be sure to read our article within for valuable tips and information.

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Bulb Flower Gardens

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