Companion Planting Charts

Introduction to Companion Planting Charts:

Companion planting is a rather simple concept where you find plants that are mutually beneficial to one another, and then you plant them in the garden side by side. The end result, if you have chosen the right combination of plants, is both plants will not only thrive in this situation, but you should also see much better performance than if both were planted separately in their own space.

There is a wealth of information out there on companion planting charts but in my own research I realized that much of it is jumbled and difficult to read and understand. Since we have discussed companion planting so often in various articles on this site, I decided I should probably take some time and compile information that I've seen scattered about, and hopefully in the end make it a little more intuitive and user-friendly. The following lists are by no means definitive as the technique of companion planting charts is ever-evolving and gardeners are always coming up with new combinations.

Companion Planting Charts for Herbs:

Basil - Helps oregano, peppers, tomatoes, petunias, asparagus - Avoid Rue

Borage - Helps most everything, especially cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries

Caraway - Helps strawberries

Chamomile - Helps cucumbers, cabbage, onions, wheat, basil

Chervil - Helps broccoli, lettuce - repels aphids

Cilantro - Helps spinach

Chives - Helps cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, apples, mustard - Avoid peas, beans

Dill - Helps cucumbers, onions, lettuce, corn, cabbage - Avoid tomatoes, carrots

Fennel - Helps Dill - Avoid just about everything else!

Garlic - Helps celery, lettuce, cucumbers, roses, pear trees, apple trees - Avoid peas, cabbage, beans

Hemp - Helps kales, brussels sprouts, cabbage

Hyssop - Helps grapes, cabbage

Lovage - Helps most plants - Avoid rhubarb

Oregano - Helps peppers, tomatoes, and many others - repels aphids

Peppermint - Helps kales, broccoli, kohlrabi, cabbage

Rosemary - Helps carrots, beans, cabbage, sage - Avoid basil

Sage - Helps carrots, beans, cabbage, rosemary - repels many insects

Southernwood - Helps fruit trees

Spearmint - repels ant and aphids

Summer Savory - Helps onions, green beans

Tansy - Helps roses, corn, squash, cucumbers, beans

Tarragon - Helps just about everything except eggplants

Thyme - Helps broccoli, cabbage

Companion Planting Charts for Flowers:

Geraniums - Helps grapes, peppers, tomatoes, corn, roses

Lupin - Helps strawberries, dill, rosemary, lettuce, brassica - Avoid tomatoes

Marigolds - Helps just about everything, mostly peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, cucumbers, squash

Petunias - Helps asparagus, cucumbers, pumpkins, squash

Nasturtium - Helps many plants but mostly brassicas, tomatoes, beans, cucurbits, apple trees - Avoid cauliflower, radishes

Sunflowers - Helps tomatoes, corn - repels aphids

Tansy - Helps corn, roses, berries, cucurbits - repels many insects

Yarrow - Helps a wide range of plants by enriching the soil

Companion Planting Charts for Vegetables:

Asparagus - Helps tomatoes - Avoid potatoes, garlic, onions

Brassicas - Avoid peppers, tomatoes, mustards

Beans - Helps cucumbers, strawberries, radishes, carrots, dill, summer savory rosemary, lettuce, spinach, corn - Avoid broccoli, cabbage, kales, garlic, onions, peppers, tomatoes

Beets - Helps brassicas, onions, kohlrabi, lettuce - Avoid pole and runner beans

Broccoli - Helps nasturtium, rosemary, alliums, dill, geraniums - Avoid peppers, tomatoes, mustards

Cabbage - Helps rosemary, alliums, dill, geraniums - Avoid pole and runner beans, strawberries, peppers, tomatoes, mustards

Carrots - Helps lettuce, chives, onions, alliums, tomatoes - Avoid radishes, parsnip, dill

Celery - Helps snapdragons, daisies, cosmos - Avoid asters, corn

Corn - Helps beans - Avoid celery, tomatoes

Cucumbers - Avoid sage, tomatoes

Eggplants - Helps peppers, beans

Leek - Helps apple trees, celery - Avoid swiss chard, peas, beans

Lettuce - Helps carrots, beans, kohlrabi, radishes - Avoid parsley, cress, cabbage, celery

Mustard - Helps turnips, Brussels sprouts, radishes, cauliflower, cabbage

Onions - Helps cabbage, broccoli, kale, tomatoes - Avoid parsley, peas, lentils, beans

Peppers - Helps marjoram - Avoid Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, beans

Potatoes - Avoid tomatoes, sunflowers, squash, raspberries, cucumbers, carrots

Parsnip - Helps fruit trees - repels various predatory insects

Pumpkin/Squash - Helps beans, corn

Tomatoes - Helps asparagus, peppers, roses - Avoid rosemary, cabbage, kohlrabi, beetroot, potatoes, dill, peas, fennel, corn

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Companion Planting Charts
Companion Planting Charts
Companion Planting Charts
Companion Planting Charts
Companion Planting Charts