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We welcome you to browse through our entire directory of articles and How-To guides covering a wide range of topics related to Climbing Roses. We are happy to provide you with information and perhaps a bit of inspiration for your next project. These directories are a continuous work in progress and the content is update frequently.

Abraham Darby Roses - This apricot colored rose was created by David Austin in 1985 in the United Kingdom, and produces large 5 inch blooms with a strong fruity fragrance.

Albertine Roses - This salmon colored rose was bred in France in 1921 and produces 3.5" blooms carry with them a mild to medium fragrance.

Aloha Roses - Aloha roses will grow to be about 8 to 10 feet tall with a spread of anywhere from 4 to 8 feet across.  The large 5 inch blooms will have a strong apple scent.

America Climbing Roses - The blooms of the America rose average about 3.5 inches in diameter and they are quite full, having upwards of 40 or more petals each.

American Pillar Roses - American Pillar roses are far more hardy than many types of roses and can thrive in zones 4 through 9. This rose produces bright pink blooms averaging 2.25" in diameter with white centers. 

Angel Face Climbing Roses - Angel Face is a truly stunning lavender colored rose that is sure to make itself at home in just about any location you choose in your garden. The exquisite blooms will reach 3 to 4 inches in diameter and have ruffled edges that are just wonderful.

Autumn Sunset Climbing Roses - This gorgeous apricot colored rose is available in both a climbing variety and a shorter shrub rose, making it suitable for a wide variety of locations around your garden!

Best Climbing Roses - Many new growers will frequently ask the question, "What is the best plant to grow?", within a given family of plants. Roses are really no different and this is a question that I hear frequently.

Blaze Climbing Roses - Blaze climbing roses are often called the ideal climbing red rose and offer the grower just about everything they could ever want. Vigorous growth, romantic red flowers, and repeated flushes starting in spring and continuing on straight through until the first frost, just to name a few.

Caring for Climbing Roses - Growing roses is really not as difficult as many people believe and in this article we will take a few minutes to break down a few tips to help get you going.

Cecile Brunner Climbing Roses - This stunning rose traces its origins back to France where it was developed by Joseph Pernet-Ducher. These roses got their name from the daughter of a famous Swiss grower or roses named Ulrich Brunner, who had a daughter named Cecile!

Charles Bonnet Roses - One of the things that make Charles Bonnet roses so desirable to gardeners is the fact that this variety is near thornless, so you can probably get away with tending to it without even having to wear gloves.

Clair Matin Roses - Clair Matin roses produce rather large blooms that average about 5 inches in diameter and have a sweetbriar smelling fragrance. The blooms tend to have just a handful of petals upwards of 8 to 11.

Climbing Altissimo Roses - Climbing Altissimo roses are a great choice for the novice and experienced grower alike. The plant is hardy in zone 5 and warmer and it has excellent disease resistance qualities which make it very forgiving to inexperienced gardeners.

Climbing Blue Moon Roses - The Blue Moon is a very vigorous grower that produces amazing double blooms up to 4 inches in diameter and offers a fragrance that is sure to please anyone.

Climbing Bourbon Roses - The first of these roses were discovered on a small island in the Indian Ocean, just off the Madagascar coast.  Today the island is known as Reunion, however history recalls the island once carried the name Bourbon, which is where this group of roses got their name.

Climbing Casino Roses - Casino yellow roses will produce one strong bloom at the beginning of the growing season, but will continue with sporadic, occasional blooms later in the summer if the spent blooms are deadheaded.

Climbing Miniature Roses - Climbing miniature roses tend to only grow about 5 feet tall, give or take, so unlike their larger cousins that sometimes grow 12 to 30 feet tall depending on variety, you can see how the planting needs change dramatically.

Climbing Pinata Roses - The Pinata climbing rose is really quite a stunning climbing rose that provides an unusual assortment of colorful blooms. While not an overly tall climber by rose standards, what this little gem lacks in height it will more than make up for in beauty.

Climbing Pink Peace Roses - Climbing Peace roses are often called the most stunning of the different climbing roses that are on the market today. It is also one of the most popular roses that have ever been bred. 

Climbing Rose Bushes - The versatility of climbing rose bushes is probably the biggest draw for most growers.  Many varieties are extremely hardy and require little maintenance, which makes them a great option for newer growers just looking to get into rose growing.

Climbing Rose Gardens - Planning a garden of climbing roses is simply not the same as planning any other type of garden. You have to account for something few other garden plants have…height!

Climbing Rose Trellises - Anyone who has ever grown a climbing rose will tell you one thing is certain, at some point early on in the first season you are going to have to support your roses or else they will grow everywhere and become very unruly and difficult to manage.

Climbing Yellow Roses - Growing your yellow roses is not difficult and while some varieties are a little pickier than others, you can usually adopt the same tips and techniques as you would for growing any other type of rose.

Compassion Roses - The rose Compassion produces nice sized blooms that average about 4 inches in diameter. The petals will have a salmon or orange color towards the center of the bloom and fade out to pink hues at the tips.

Coral Dawn Climbing Roses - Coral Dawn roses produce wonderful blooms with a rich pink/coral color that is lighter as it gets closer to the edges of the petals. Once the bloom opens, it slowly ages until it is a soft, classic pink.

Don Juan Climbing Roses - The Don Juan rose is very popular for a number of reasons. For starters, it produces gorgeous deep red blooms whose petals are ruffled and have a velvety touch to them.

Dorothy Perkins Roses - The rose Dorothy Perkins will reach heights of anywhere from 10 feet tall, all the way up to 20 feet tall if left unchecked. It will also spread out fairly nicely and reach widths of about 8 feet across.

Dream Weaver Roses - Dream Weaver was created by crossing the Pink Polyanna rose with the Lady of the Dawn rose. The result was a fantastic pink perpetual bloomer that suits itself well to almost any of your landscaping ideas.

Dublin Bay Roses - You will often find growers using this rose for cut flower arrangements or for growing up various supports and structures. Because of its fruity scent, Dublin Bay climbing roses are frequently planted along traffic areas where visitors can enjoy their great fragrance.

Eden Climbing Roses - Eden climbing roses have often been hailed as some of the best climbing roses to hit the market in years. They tend to be a little more hardy than most other climbers, and their repeat blooming makes them a favorite of rose growers all over the world.

Flutterbye Roses - The blooms on this particular rose will stay fairly small, averaging about 2 inches or so in diameter and they will have a somewhat moderate fragrance of spice. 

Fourth of July Climbing Roses - This variety is a medium sized climbing rose, reaching heights of anywhere from 10 to 14 feet tall. It also has a very long bloom time starting in late spring and continuing through until the frost.

Fragrant Climbing Roses - There are few things in this world that can elicit a response as that of a sweet smelling rose, freshly cut from the garden. This alluring aroma is one of the reasons many gardeners make sure they always have at least one or two roses in their gardens.

Golden Showers Roses - Golden Showers was created by crossing the Charlotte Armstrong rose with the climbing Captain Thomas rose. The result was a hardy yellow climbing rose that produces absolutely huge blooms averaging up to 6 inches in diameter!

Growing Rose Cuttings - Learning how to propagate roses from cuttings is a great way to create new plants out of your favorite varieties. I have found over the years that while most people know it can be done, finding someone with the experience and know how is often the tough part.

Handel Roses - The blooms on the rose Handel are quite big and will reach an average diameter of about 4 inches across. The blooms will be very full and contain up to 30 or more petals each.

Hardy Climbing Roses - Finding varieties of roses that can withstand the colder temperatures of some of the more northern climates, and still come back year after year without being cut back to the ground, can be quite a daunting challenge to growers who are trying to create a stunning rose garden in these climates.

Henry Kelsey Roses - Henry Kelsey roses will not grow quite as tall as some other varieties of climbing roses, but they will grow anywhere from 4 feet to 10 feet tall. 

How To Grow Climbing Roses - While roses in general have the same basic requirements for growing, there are some key differences between growing bush roses and learning how to grow climbing roses that will definitely change how you grow them, so you need to understand these and make sure that you are prepared for them. 

Iceberg Climbing Roses - Iceberg roses have often been called one of the best white climbing roses that you can find anywhere in the world, producing stunning wedding quality white blooms that are about 5cm in diameter with anywhere from 20 to 35 petals per bloom.

John Davis Roses - John Davis roses produce blooms that are a vibrant pink color and will average about 3.5" in diameter.  The blooms will be somewhat full having as many as 40 petals each.

Josephs Coat Climbing Roses - The Josephs Coat rose is quite a unique climbing rose in that the blossoms start off red with a noticeable coral colored tint. As they open up they turn into a nice golden yellow, then they start to gradually turn back to red again.

Kordes Moonlight Roses - Kordes Moonlight roses start off with orange or apricot buds when the blooms first form. These will fade to a nice rich yellow when the blooms open. As the blooms continue to age and open up, the edges of the petals will often form with a soft pink color.

Lace Cascade Roses - The rose Lace Cascade is considered a pretty hardy rose and it will do very well in zones 5 and up. This climbing rose is also very resistant to diseases, which makes it a favorite among growers who prefer low maintenance plants.

Lady Banks Climbing Roses - For those of you who really like low maintenance climbing roses, the Lady Banks deserves a good long look. One of the first things you will discover about this pale yellow beauty is it is a thornless rose bush!

Mermaid Roses - The blooms on the rose Mermaid will be single blooms with just a few petals, about 4 to 8, and they will average around 5 inches in diameter with a mild fragrance.

New Dawn Roses - This rose is both elegant and classic and is extremely versatile in any landscaping idea! You can shape this rose into a tree shape, allow it to grow as a vigorous climber, or you can prune it heavily and keep it shaped as a traditional bush rose.

Night Owl Roses - Night Owl roses produce rather large blooms, averaging around 4 inches in diameter and the petals are typically a dark purple, or red wine color, fading to white centers. They carry with them a fairly strong fragrance of sweet spice. 

Polka Roses - The blooms on the rose Polka are gigantic and will average about 6 inches in diameter at full maturity. The blooms will have apricot colored petals that tend to be lighter at the edges, and they will usually have a strong, classic rose fragrance. 

Pruning Climbing Roses - There are many growers that believe that you really don't need to prune climbing roses. The fact is if you adopt a yearly pruning routine and perform some basic maintenance on your roses, they will reward you with vigorous growth and abundant flowers.

Red Climbing Roses - Of all the climbing roses that are out there today, it's safe to say that the red roses are by far the most popular. And who can really argue that point? Red roses are classic and elegant and really lend themselves well to just about all landscaping ideas and designs.

Red Eden Roses - Red Eden roses will grow to be about 7 to 15 feet tall at full maturity and will reach widths of about 8 feet across. They will have dense foliage that is medium green in color with a somewhat glossy finish.

Sally Holmes Roses - Sally Holmes roses were created by crossing the Ivory Fashion rose with the Ballerina rose. The result is a cream colored rose that averages about 3.5 inches in diameter and often has ever so subtle pink highlights on the petals. 

Seafoam Roses - While the rose Seafoam is considered a shrub rose, it can also be trained to be a short climber and will grow up supports and trellises.  Due to its short stature in the garden, many rose growers have also found this variety useful as a ground cover when trimmed properly. 

Sombreuil Roses - Sombreuil roses are climbing roses that grow 8 to 13 feet tall and produce very large and full cream colored, or white blooms, that will have as many as 60 petals each.

Thornless Climbing Roses - As I looked around I discovered that there are not many true thornless climbing roses, but there are a few out there. There are also a number of them that most growers will call "nearly thornless" or "virtually thornless".

Veilchenblau Roses - The blooms on the rose Veilchenblau will stay pretty small, about 1.5 inches in diameter and they will have a fragrance that smells much like the lily of the valley plant.

Wedgewood Roses - Wedgewood roses will grow to heights of anywhere from 6 feet tall, all the way up to 10 feet tall if properly pruned and trained. The blooms on this rose are a stunning pink rose color with a lighter blush on the reverse of the petals.

Westerland Roses - The rose Westerland thrives in zones 5 through 9 and it is both hardy and vigorous. It is well suited for various landscaping ideas because it can be grown as a shrub or trained to grow large and tall like a climbing rose.

White Dawn Roses -  The rose White Dawn does not have a terribly strong fragrance but it does have a simple, but subtle rose scent to it.  This is the type of rose you plant on a patio or near a window you frequently keep open, when you want the smell of roses but don’t want it to be overpowering.

William Baffin Climbing Roses - One of the very first things you will find out about William Baffins is how hardy they are in a wide variety of climates. In fact many rose breeders and growers suggest that this may very well be one of the hardiest roses they've ever grown.

Yellow Climbing Roses - Of all the different types of roses out there, I have to admit the yellow roses are among my favorite. I really can't explain why other than to say it's a feeling that is inspired when I find myself looking at them.

Zephirine Drouhin Roses - One of the most desirable traits of the rose Zephirine Drouhin is the fact that it is almost thornless, which makes it a great choice for growers who want the beauty of roses in their gardens, but aren't sure if they want to deal with thorns.

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