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Growing Roses - I have discovered over the years that while many people will dabble with a rose or two in their gardens, many are skeptical of their ability to grow good roses that perform well.  I have often heard it said that roses are just too fussy, or too difficult to grow.

Ingrid Bergman Roses - The rose Ingrid Bergman will grow to just over 3 feet high at full maturity with a spread out over 2 feet across.  This rose is very tolerant to not only hot temperatures, but it is also far more forgiving of excessive rainfall than other varieties.  This rose is also very resistant to many common rose diseases.

Jackson Perkins Roses - While Jackson Perkins Roses was started in 1872 by Charles Perkins and A.E. Jackson, originally to sell strawberry and grape plants, the company didn’t really come into its own until several decades later.

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