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All About Miniature Roses - Growing miniature roses has become a popular hobby in its own right, and you will find many growers that are dedicated to simply growing these fabulous little roses!

Amber Roses - You will often find this rose planted in containers for use on one’s porch or patio, but you will also find some growers who have found homes for the rose Amber in their smaller flower beds as a border plant.

Amber Star Roses - Amber Star roses grow a little taller than some of the miniature roses you might be used to seeing.  This variety will grow up to about 30 inches tall at full maturity.  It will produce blooms that are amber – orange colored, with the bottoms of the petals being a gold or yellow color.

Andrea Roses - The rose Andrea is most often grown in containers to spruce up the decor of your porch or patio, however it will grow nicely in a small flower bed or as a border plant. 

Baby Love Roses - This great little miniature rose produces 2 inch yellow blooms that smell like licorice, all on a compact plant that only grows about 2 feet tall. It is also nearly thornless!

Bangalore Roses - Bangalore roses produce petite little pink blooms that have almost apricot colored centers.  The blooms will be somewhat full carrying about 25 or so petals and they will have a slightly mild fragrance.

Bareroot Roses - Bareroot roses are often cheaper and easier to find than those that are already planted and growing in containers.  You will also find that your options are usually vaster if you are buying a bareroot plant versus a container rose.

Bikini Roses - The true parentage of this rose is not clear however this pretty little yellow rose is very popular in certain circles.  The plant will grow with dark green foliage and produce blooms that are about 2 inches in diameter and will be a bright yellow in color, sometimes having an orange-red reverse on the petals.

Black Jade Roses - The Black Jade is a shade loving miniature rose that produces small 1 inch deep red blooms that are said to be as close to black in color as any rose has ever achieved.

Brittanys Glowing Star Roses - Brittanys Glowing Star roses will grow a little larger than most of the types of miniature roses that you are probably used to seeing.  This particular variety will reach heights up to 30 inches tall. 

Camden Roses - This variety was created by crossing the Black Jade miniature rose with the Mollycita rose.  The result is a stunning red rose that tends to lean towards the more purple shades, giving it a burgundy appearance.

Carnival Glass Roses - Like most varieties of miniature roses, Carnival Glass is a vigorous grower that blooms in multiple flushes throughout the growing season.  This variety is equally suited to flower beds or containers and it will make a wonderful addition to your porch or patio.

Charming Roses - Charming roses will only grow 8 to 15 inches tall at full maturity, making them a favorite among purest miniature rose growers.  For such a small bloom, the roses on this beauty are somewhat full and will contain as many as 30 petals per bloom.

Charming Parade Roses - Charming Parade roses can almost fall into the category of a micro-miniature rose…almost!  The plant will only grow a little over a foot tall at full maturity, and if pruned to size you can keep them as short as 8 inches.

Cheyenne Roses - Cheyenne roses are equally at home in a flower bed in your garden, or in a container on your porch or patio.  This little rose is fairly versatile and a vigorous grower so you should have no trouble finding the perfect spot for it around your home.

Chloe Roses - This stunning little miniature yellow rose will produce blooms that are about 2 inches in diameter and have almost no fragrance.  The blooms will be moderately full for a small rose, containing about 20 to 25 petals each, forming in small clusters.

Clarissa Roses - Clarissa roses will grow to a height as short as 2 feet tall, or in the right conditions they could grow as tall as 4 and a half feet.  The blooms will be somewhat small, only a couple inches in diameter, however they will tend to be quite full as you can see in the pictures.

Coco Roses - Coco roses are among my personal favorites of the miniature roses I’ve ever come across.  They have amazing little blooms that are a salmon color on the outer parts of the petals, and the color fades to white in the center with yellow stamens.

Douce Symphonie Roses - This rose was created by crossing a Coppelia 76 rose with the rose Magic Carrousel.  The result is a great miniature rose that has either dark pink or reddish edges, that fade to white in the centers.

Drottningholm Roses - The first Rosenborg Castle roses were bred in Europe and this particular variety is predominantly sold in that part of the world.  This is part of the “Castle” collection of roses bred and trademarked by Poulsen Roser out of Denmark.

Earthquake Roses - This particular variety was created by crossing the rose Golden Angel with a pollen plant from the Dortmund rose and a no. 33 stripe.  The result is a rather stunning yellow rose that has red stripes or streaks through it.

Golden Angel Roses - Golden Angel roses will only grow about a foot high, which for many die hard growers, makes them the ideal miniature rose.  The blooms will only get about an inch and a half in diameter but they will be amazingly full, having as many as 60 or so petals each.

Gourmet Popcorn Roses - Gourmet Popcorn roses are extremely popular among miniature rose growers because of the profuse clusters of delicate white blooms that this rose produces.

Growing Miniature Roses - Growing miniature roses is truly its own hobby and you just might find that you like the ease of dealing with these smaller roses, much more than their larger cousins.

Kristin Roses - Kristin roses will produce blooms that are about 1.5 inches in diameter and they will have very little, if any fragrance to speak of.  The blooms will however be somewhat full, having as many as 30 petals each.

Micro Miniature Roses - In general, micro roses will stay very short with some only reaching 6 to 8 inches tall at full maturity.  You can expect to find other varieties grow as high as 15 to 18 inches, and even some that get as tall as about 2 feet.

Miniature Climbing Roses - Some people think that a climbing miniature rose is not possible, but believe it or not there are a wide variety of miniature versions of your favorite climbing roses.

Miniature Rose Bushes - You will discover a little bit of disagreement on some growers' perceptions of what exactly constitutes a miniature rose.  Some will say that any variety that has smaller blooms is a miniature, while others will say it's more about the height the plant grows to.

Miniature Rose Pruning - Pruning miniature roses is essential if you want your roses to stay strong and vibrant for years to come.  It might surprise you to find out a great many growers are just not sure of the proper way to prune their rose bushes, or why they should do it.

Miniature Rose Trees - Miniature rose trees are not new to the market.  These beautiful creations have been around for centuries in North America and Europe.  Unfortunately back then, you would have had to find your way onto a wealthy estate to get a good look at one.

Rosenborg Castle Roses - It does not appear as if this particular variety is still commercially available in any region so if you are fortunate to have your hands on one, you would do well to take care of it.  You may also find this variety sold under the name Drottningholm roses.

Santa Clause Roses - This dark red little rose has a very mild fragrance and produces blooms that are about 2 inches or so in diameter.  Santa Clause makes a great container rose, or you could also plant it in a smaller flower bed as a border rose.

Sassy Cindy Roses - Sassy Cindy roses are a great candidate for containers or flower beds.  The blooms will only average about 2 inches in diameter and will have only a mild fragrance, if any.

Stormy Weather Roses - Stormy Weather was created by crossing a generic seedling with the rose Twilight Trail.  The result is a pretty little blended mauve rose that produces blooms that average about an inch and a half in diameter.

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