Eden Climbing Roses

Introduction to Eden Climbing Roses:

The Eden rose is an elegant, old-fashioned, large rose that produces double blooms up to four and a half inches in diameter featuring unique pastel shades of yellow, cream, and pink. Eden is a truly vigorous bush type rose that produces a great deal of foliage and is surprisingly disease resistant. As a climbing rose, Eden will prove to be an extremely versatile plant, lending itself well to a great many locations in your garden or landscaping ideas.

Eden climbing roses have often been hailed as some of the best climbing roses to hit the market in years. They tend to be a little more hardy than most other climbers, and their repeat blooming makes them a favorite of rose growers all over the world. Train them to grow up walls and fences, or let them grow up a trellis or gazebo for a truly eye-popping display of old-fashioned roses. Eden tends to be a little more restrained for a climber which makes it suited for small gardens where the larger climbers just won't fit.

History of Eden Climbing Roses:

The Eden climbing roses are also sometimes referred to as the Pierre De Ronsard, named after a great poet from France, and are part of the Romanticas class of roses. Eden was first created in France in 1987 by Marie Louise Meilland. Her family owned Meilland Roses hybridized the Eden rose as a response to the growing popularity to the Austin English roses. Around that time the classical style English roses started gaining popularity and many breeders were looking to create their own offerings to fill the demand.

Eden quickly gained popularity in the rose world and finally in 2006 it was voted the World's Favorite Rose by the membership of the WFRS. Few other varieties can claim this unique honor as only one variety is chosen during each World Convention, and the winner is chosen by majority vote of over one hundred thousand active members in the Society. The selection of Eden to this covetous award gave Meilland the distinct honor of being the breeder with the most awards from the WFRS, as of 2006.

Features of Eden Climbing Roses:

Eden climbing roses are not the tallest climbers that you'll ever come across but they just might be one of the most beautiful. You can expect them to grow upwards of about 8 to 10 feet tall under normal conditions, however if you live in a colder climate, you may have to be content to grow Eden as a nice bush size rose. The large ample blooms on Eden can have up to 100 petals on each one with only a very light fragrance to speak of. While Eden is very resistant to disease, making it a particular favorite among novice and experienced growers alike, it is not very tolerant of wet locations.

Eden is hardy in zones 5 through 10 and while it will do its best work in locations that receive 8 hours or more of full sunlight, you can get away with planting this variety in locations that receive partial shade throughout the day. What seems to be one of the key features of this rose is how versatile it is throughout the garden. If you would like to add an elegant, old-fashioned climbing rose to your garden, but don't have the available space for a variety that grows big and tall, well then Eden just might be the right choice.

Planting Eden Climbing Roses:

You will find that planting Eden roses is not much different from most other climbing roses. As we said earlier site selection is going to be the most critical choice you have to make. While Eden is tolerant of partial shade, it won't give you the best results in these locations. Most roses want a location where they get full sun all day long, at least 8 hours or more. You also want to make sure you don't plant your roses too close together, or too close to other plants.

Air circulation is important for most plants, but especially so for roses as they can hold onto dampness for awhile and that's an invitation to diseases to come in and wreck havoc on your plants. Make sure you have a bag of good organic compost handy when you are ready to plant your Eden roses. You may think your soil is just fine, but a good compost will make it even better! It only costs a couple of dollars at your local garden center if you don't make your own, but trust me, the results are worth their weight in gold. Just mix a generous portion into the soil when you plant your roses.

Caring for Eden Climbing Roses:

Your Eden climbing roses require much the same care as any other rose. Keep in mind this variety is a little less tolerant of wet conditions so make sure you give it a spot in the garden that has adequate drainage. A regular feeding schedule is all that is required to keep your Edens healthy and strong. A good fertilizing schedule for most roses is once in early spring, once during the first bloom cycle, and again around the middle of July or so.

Also make sure to pay attention to how often Mother Nature is watering your roses. Most roses do just fine with a generous watering once every week, however in hotter and drier conditions, you may have to water once every 4 to 5 days. Just make sure you try to limit the water to the base of the plant as much as possible. Keep the leaves of your roses as dry as you can and give them a nice layer of mulch around the base to help fend of diseases and pests.

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Eden Climbing Roses
Eden Climbing Roses
Eden Climbing Roses
Eden Climbing Roses
Eden Climbing Roses