Free Small Garden Designs

Free Small Garden Designs with Water Features:

Find free garden designs that you can use around your home. You've found the right place because we have many great articles on garden designs as well as step by step How To guides for beginners. So before you go, take the time to read a few of them and see if any of the designs offered spur your imagination into something bigger! Some of the most popular free garden designs these days seem to be those that incorporate water features such as ponds or fountains.

It's really not surprising considering most of us find the sound of trickling water to be extremely soothing and relaxing. Small ponds and fountains can be found in most garden centers for around $100 or so complete, but if your budget allows, you could go as big as you wanted and create something truly elaborate.

Water features can be built in multiple levels and designed to fit even the smallest of gardens. You could use free small garden designs that have a wall mounted decorative fountain that empties out into a small ground level pond that recirculates the water. The possibilities really are endless.

Free Small Garden Designs for Perennials:

Perhaps water features aren't your thing, or you are not interested in the maintenance issues associated with them. No problem, there are plenty of great ideas that are relatively maintenance free. One such idea is the use of perennials. Perennials make great additions to just about any free garden designs. Since perennials will come back year after year if properly cared for, they tend to get very big if left to their own devices.

This is not always a bad thing because they could be used as the focal point of any small garden you could think of. Plant a mass of tall perennials in the rear of the flower bed, and then line the perimeter with either colorful annuals or even decorative stone if you wanted a truly hands off garden.

While perennials can grow for several seasons without really needing any special care, annuals on the other hand will need replanted yearly. For this reason many gardeners shy away from annuals because they don't want the hassle of dealing with plants that will simply die off at the end of the growing season.

Free Small Garden Designs for Annuals:

I would suggest that you don't dismiss them quite so easily, if you are one of those gardeners. There are a number of annuals that are quite gorgeous, and in the more temperate regions, will actually come back the following year. Since this article reaches readers worldwide, it would be impossible to start listing plants that would work for everyone, so my advice is to go to your local garden center during the spring time and see what plants they have available. Typically garden centers are regional and will stock plants best suited for growers within their own region. I always look for ways to include colorful annuals into my free garden designs, even if I just include a few.

Bulb plants are another popular choice for most gardeners looking for easy and free small garden designs. Since most bulb plants can survive all but the harshest winters, they make exceptional choices that blend themselves well in most gardens and environments. I happen to be a big fan of bulb plants, especially the Asiatic lilies because they are so colorful and are available in such a wide range of options.

Free Small Garden Designs using Bulb Plants:

Bulb plants are great choices for free small garden designs because a lot of times you can actually get them for free from friends and neighbors. In our neighborhood we have a lot of gardeners who spend ridiculous amounts of time tending their gardens. It's not uncommon for us to walk around during the warmer months and admire everyone's handy work, and from time to time you might see a plant that sparks your eye in someone else's garden. Most gardeners in my experience are extremely friendly, especially when you are praising their work, and I've found them to be quite agreeable to sharing cuttings and bulbs, or trading them for something they've been admiring in your garden.

It's a great feeling of camaraderie to take something you love and share it with someone else! If you have never done so, I highly suggest trying it, you just might be hooked!

Free Small Garden Designs with Hostas:

Hostas are another popular option you'll find when researching free small garden designs. The plants themselves are a little pricey initially, but once you have them they grow incredibly fast and are very easy to divide for additional plants later on. I am a huge fan of hostas and have them in gardens all over my home for this very reason.

What I enjoy most about them is the many different varieties that they come in. All the varieties also work very well together in a mass planting. If you have a small planting area and you're just not sure what to put in it, consider buying a few hostas, or ask one of your neighbors for a starter from theirs. Hostas have broad leaves and really fill out free garden designs well.

The last suggestion I would make for coming up with smaller garden designs is to take a walk around your yard and try to find spaces that are under-utilized. Perhaps the underlying soil isn't suitable enough for a traditional garden, no worries, just build a raised flower box and fill it with your own organic mix that plants are sure to love and thrive in.

Small gardens look great up against porches and decks, and around mailboxes. If you live in a development and have a well head or an electrical box in your yard, you can get some tall ornamental grasses and fill in around those. The possibilities are endless.

These are just a handful of the free small garden designs available to you, I hope they've given you some inspiration on your project but if not, we have countless other articles for you to read that just might.

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Free Small Garden Designs
Free Small Garden Designs
Free Small Garden Designs
Free Small Garden Designs
Free Small Garden Designs