Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Introduction to Front Yard Landscaping Ideas:

Most of us would love to see the front of our homes as a work of art. Call it a source of pride if you will, but it is that feeling you get when you come home from work and pull into the driveway, and you are greeted by a stunning, well-manicured garden. It is a sense of pride, and perhaps a little vanity, especially when you can say to yourself "I built that!". Most people can appreciate that sentiment I believe.

It's even better when your friends and family, or even your neighbors stop over and compliment you on how well the landscaping around your home looks. Coming up with great ideas is not always as easy as it sounds. You would think it should be easy to come up with landscaping ideas for your yard, but everyone needs inspiration from time to time. Let us see if we can offer up any for you.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas - Entranceways:

The first thing one sees when approaching any house is the front door so let's start there. Obviously space here is going to be the biggest factor in determining what you can really do, but even a small amount of space can yield great front yard landscaping ideas. Let's say you don’t have much of a front porch but you still want to make your entryway inviting to you and your guests. Consider wall mounted half pots to hang on either side of your front door. These are basically hanging baskets that look like they were cut in half with the back being flat to sit flush against the wall.

You can start off the year with some quick blooming annuals to welcome in springtime and then you can switch them over to some summer blooming plants that will grow over the edge of the pots and down the walls with a cascading effect. A good tip to pull of this type of transition without any downtime is to buy an extra set of baskets and plant the summer plants in the spare set while the annuals are blooming. Keep them tended elsewhere so that when you are ready to pull the annuals down, you have the next baskets already growing and ready to hang!

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas - Topiaries & Water Features:

Topiaries are often used in front yard landscaping ideas with stunning results. These tend to give a more formal look to your front door rather than a warm inviting look, but it's all about what you are looking for. Personally I really like the clean contemporary look topiaries give when planted in the right planters. You end up paying a little extra for this look, but in my humble opinion it is money well spent. You can also plant small annuals at the base of the centerpiece, just to add some color.

If you have a brick or stone entrance way, like many newer homes do these days, you can add a small water feature to your front porch and make it look like it is part of the architecture. These blend in especially well with stone facades, but you can make them work with brick designs too. A small fountain or waterfall would go a long way towards adding some style and design to your entrance way. Just make sure you place these in a location with easy access to electrical service, otherwise unsightly extension cords will defeat the whole look.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas - Walkways:

The walkway leading up to your front door is prime real estate for some great front yard landscaping ideas too. It's very common for gardeners to line the walkway with elaborate flower beds but many times these beds require too much maintenance and end up growing out and over the sidewalk and in this gardener's opinion, end up making the landscape look cluttered rather than inviting. If you do decide to go this route, remember the old adage "less is more". You don't need to fill in every square inch of surface area with a plant.

Consider working a few decorative rocks or stones into your front yard landscaping ideas. Not only do rocks break up the design and add a bit of realism to it, but they also will form natural barriers that plants can't grow through or around very easily. You may also want to consider different types of edging in a location such as this, rather than running the dirt and mulch right up to the sidewalk. No matter how well you tend your garden, you will inevitably get dirt and mulch into the walkway unless it is properly contained. Nothing looks worse than a sidewalk that seems to always be caked in mud.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas - Koi Ponds:

I have actually seen a few intrepid gardeners create small meandering brooks within their front yard landscaping ideas, with various small ponds connected to one another. Koi fish can survive in these water features and can use the connections to travel from one basin to another. I would have never considered something like that until I had seen it in person, but it was certain ingenious. Not only did this gardener edge his sidewalk leading up to his front door, but he also built a small wooden arch bridge that lead off into the front yard to a larger main pond about 20 feet away from his porch.

Visitors could follow the sidewalk up to the front door, or they could veer off across the bridge to a sitting area that had stone pavers set along the edge of the pond with a bench and a small metal table. Most people would not have considered putting something like this in their front yard and I have to admit, neither would I. However after seeing it, I couldn’t imagine a better location for it with all the tall ornamental grasses that he surrounded it with to give the sitting area a bit of privacy from the street.

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Front Yard Landscaping Ideas
Front Yard Landscaping Ideas
Front Yard Landscaping Ideas
Front Yard Landscaping Ideas
Front Yard Landscaping Ideas