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Introduction to Frontier Herbs:

Frontier Natural Products Co-op is a company that specializes in a wide range of organic and natural products, including seeds, herbs, spices, different teas, and various body care products. They sell their products through their own website as well as in numerous retail specialty stores all over the United States and many in Canada as well. According to their company profile, Frontier offers environmentally friendly products of the highest quality, which are also competitively priced.

Driven by a core belief that we all have a responsibility to our environment and working towards our planet's future, Frontier herbs has become one of the leading suppliers of organic herbs and spices. They also take a leading role in the world effort to help farmers and other food producers make the conversion to sustainable farming practices. Frontier also claims to have one of the largest selections of aromatherapy product lines available in the marketplace today.

History of Frontier Herbs:

The history of Frontier herbs is one that shows the value and success of hard work and dedication to your products and customers. The company began back in 1976 with only two employees working in a small cabin in Iowa next to the Cedar River. In the last 25 years the company has grown by leaps and bounds and is now one of the larger suppliers in the ever-growing industry of natural products. They attribute their success and performance over the years to their dedication not only to the industry itself, but also to the values of the many customers who purchase their various natural products.

Frontier began initially as a wholesaler who focused on only a few hundred types of spices and herbs. They would repackage these products into smaller retail sized packages which were then sold to countless retail shops across the country for resale to the end consumer. Their starting business model allowed them to compete with larger supermarkets who were selling similar products at a much higher markup in price. As demand for affordable herbs and spices grew, Frontier soon expanded its product line to not only include commonly found herbs and spices, but to also include many rare and uncommon herbs as well.

The Frontier Herbs Facility:

Two years after the company's inception they purchased and renovated an old grocery store into their first operations facility with just over five thousand square feet. Over the years their success has allowed them to expands several times to reach the eighty five thousand square foot facility they now currently operate out of, sitting on 60 acres of farmland just outside of Norway, Iowa.

In the late 80's Frontier came out with their line of pre-packaged herbs and spices and introduced them to market. Three short years later they followed up with a product line of whole bean gourmet coffees that is certified 100% organic. In the following years they introduced other product lines as well including herbal extracts and the country's first certified organic beer. While some of these product lines Frontier herbs offered proved to be unsustainable, they were all instrumental in improving the company's name recognition in the marketplace.

Frontier Herbs Products:

While the gourmet coffee line was only part of Frontier's product line for 10 years, it was able to fund numerous social programs in poorer communities that grew coffee. Among the improvements were bridges, computers for local schools, and even a power plant, all funded through various business loans. Ultimately the coffee business in the company was eventually sold off to Green Mountain which is still in business today! Frontier's pre-packaged herbs and spices quickly became a driving sales force within the company and paved the way for the company to later establish the brand Simply Organic.

Simply Organic was introduced to the market in 2002 and quickly became an industry leader in packaged seasonings. Not only was the brand built on a strong base of products from certified organic herbs and spices, but Frontier herbs also developed numerous blends of spices that were sold for culinary uses such as chilis, mixes, and sauces. Their dressing and dips spice mixes quickly became best sellers! As a result of these unique products and innovations, the Simply Organic product line rapidly turned into the fastest growing brand of its kind in the industry.

Frontier Herbs Today:

According to the company website, Frontier's greatest and most sustainable product line to date has been their aromatherapy products. Frontier began their aromatherapy business by purchasing large shipments of essential oils and then repackaging them into half ounce bottles for retail sale at specialty shops. As aromatherapy product sales increased nationwide, Frontier expanded their operations through the purchase of another leading company in the area of aromatherapy and natural products, Aura Cacia. The acquisition of this company shifted Frontier's product line into not just essential oils, but also lotions, mineral baths, and massage and body oils.

Frontier claims that much of its success can be attributed to decisions made early on in the company to make investments into equipment and skilled personnel that allowed them to create a first class quality control laboratory. This, coupled with their devotion and dedication to their products and customers has given them a reputation as a leader in sales in the aromatherapy industry.

Frontier herbs have a distinct advantage in the organic products field and when the National Organic Program recently established new standards in organic products, Frontier was already ahead of the curve.

** Disclaimer: 1001 Landscaping Ideas is not in any way affiliated with this company, nor do we make any claims or representations regarding the quality of their products. The information provided on this page is purely for reference purposes only and is publicly available on the company's website. For more detailed and up to date information on this company and its products, please visit the company's website directly.

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Frontier Herbs
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