Garden Design Ideas

Garden Design Ideas Introduction:

If you are looking for some unique garden ideas that you can take and use around your home, we have a few here that might interest you. There are plenty of websites out there that offer gardening advice and How To's on things such as annual and perennial flower beds, but after you read two or three of those you start to see they are roughly all the same.

There are only so many different ways that you can talk about planting the same flowers over and over right? What about unique garden ideas that you may not have heard before? Garden designers get paid big bucks to professionally landscape yards and businesses, but in the end every great design starts with a couple small ideas and it grows out from there. See if you can find a few garden design ideas here that might spark some creative imagination and then incorporate them into your own designs.

Deck or Patio Garden Design Ideas:

Patio or Deck Garden: Most of us these days have either a deck or patio off of the back of our houses, and if you don't, they are relatively easy and straight forward to build. For many people however, the design ends with the completion of the deck or patio. They might put a few potted plants on top and a table and chairs, but they don't make full use of the potential an area such as this offers. There are numerous ways that one could turn a simple deck or patio into an elaborately decorative garden that everyone will love to sit in and enjoy.

One of the simplest ways you can add greenery to a deck or patio is with containers. Now depending on your application, there are a variety of ways to do this. If your deck has rails, you could purchase boxes to fit onto those rails. If you have a patio, you could build a pergola and let the entire structure grow over with climbing plants like morning glories. You could hang a trellis or lattice along the house and plant long boxes of climbing plants to grow up the lattice. Any one of these garden design ideas would easily and instantly turn a plain old patio or deck into a space that seems teeming with plant life.

Courtyard Garden Design Ideas:

Courtyard gardens are another great way to add dimension to an otherwise dull garden. These types of gardens lend themselves well to areas that are set into corners, ie walls on two sides. You could take landscaping stones and lay out planters and walls if you like that include planters to grow in. Depending on how elaborate you want to get, you could wall up the two open sides of the courtyard and install a small iron gate, to give the feel of walking into a secluded secret garden.

One thing I like the most about this particular garden design is it is an open design that can really be built anywhere. You can lay out a stone patio within the boundaries, you could construct a wooden deck, or you could just as easily truck in some crushed garden stone to use as the walkway for your garden design ideas. Each option works equally as well and has its own pros and cons. The end result however would be an outdoor "room" that you could escape to whenever you wanted for a bit of peace and quiet.

Waterfall Garden Design Ideas:

Waterfall gardens are very popular garden ideas that you could create in your own yard with a little bit of creativity and ingenuity. These gardens are actually a great way to hide unsightly portions of your yard that you just haven't found any other use for. Say you have an old rock wall in your yard that you want to dress up, or maybe you live in an older house and part of the old stone foundation is exposed and you would like to make it look presentable. These are good applications for setting up waterfall garden design ideas.

The basic components to a waterfall garden are literally just a basin for the water to dump into, and a pump and some piping to get the water up to the highest point where it begins the descent. Beyond that you can construct the waterfall itself any way you like. If you are starting off with a stone backdrop for your project, then you already are halfway there. You could bring in some additional stone to flesh out the design but all you really need to do is set your basin and run your pump and lines so they are not visible. As long as the water filters down into the basin and isn't running out, you've just created a waterfall that you can use as the focal point to decorate around.

Indoor Garden Design Ideas:

Have you ever considered creating an indoor garden before? Not many people give this one a lot of thought but if you have ever been out to a nice hotel or resort where they tend to build these, you would know how incredible they can be. A trip out to Las Vegas will make just about anyone a believer. Just because you are growing indoors doesn't mean you can have great results either.

There are a few ways that you can turn indoor space into a fine terrarium that will grow most plants. Now obviously those of you who have skylights or a sunroom have a noticeable advantage with this design, but these days there are plenty of companies that produce a complete range of indoor growing lights that will augment any indoor garden design ideas. All you need to pull this off is the right growing conditions and your plants will reward you with year round beauty.

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Garden Design Ideas
Garden Design Ideas
Garden Design Ideas
Garden Design Ideas
Garden Design Ideas