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Hershey Gardens Hours & Location:

Hours: The Gardens are a seasonal garden that opens at the beginning of spring and closes at the start of winter. Hours of operation vary from year to year so be sure to check out their website for current information.

Contact Info: The Gardens are located at 170 Hotel Road, Hershey PA 17033 - Phone: 717-534-3492

About the Hershey Gardens:

Milton S. Hershey was first approached to help fund the national rosarium that was to be located in Washington DC. Instead of sponsoring that project, he wanted to create a rose garden much closer where he and the surrounding community could visit and enjoy it as well. The Gardens began in 1937 with the first rose garden sitting on a mere three and a half acres. Five years later Hershey’s dream expanded to the twenty three dazzling acres that the botanical garden is today.

The Gardens have something to excite and entice folks of any age level or gardening interest. Among the many attractions you will find:

The Butterfly House:  Nestled in the heart of Chocolate town USA is a spectacular butterfly collection of over 300 stunning specimens. Butterflies have long been the favorite insect of all ages because of their amazing lifecycle and delicate splendor. The Butterfly House at the Hershey Gardens displays the entire lifecycle of the butterflies in its collection, and represents almost 25 different varieties of the creatures, complete with nectar plants that provide food, and host plants for caterpillars and egg laying.

The Butterfly House has a full-time staff, as well as volunteers nicknamed Flight Attendants, that help guide visitors to the exhibits through all of the various stages of a butterfly’s life cycle. Bring your children and family to see this wonderful exhibit, but please leave the strollers outside.

Gardens at the Hershey Gardens:

The Children’s Garden:  The Hershey Gardens have a magical and whimsy world designed to delight the young, and the young at heart. Thirty themed gardens offer visitors a hands on learning experience that is designed entirely around children. Whether your child is learning his or her ABCs, counting, colors, or math, the Gardens have a way to make the adventure fun. The Children’s Garden is filled with inspiration, self discovery, and endless fun.

Children will be enchanted and captivated as their imagination runs wild. They will hardly notice that they are actually learning valuable lessons about nature, and how much plants play an important role in our daily lives. The garden is filled with surprises, hideaways, as well as whimsical creatures and characters designed to help both children and adults on their journey through the Gardens.

Rose Garden:  This historic rose garden is where the Hershey Gardens began way back in 1937. Milton Hershey himself designed this garden that now has grown and evolved to feature over seven thousand stunning rose specimens from over 275 varieties. Some of the roses in this brilliant collection were originally planted by the first gardeners that worked for Mr. Hershey. This stunning display of roses is accredited each year by the AARS, and each year’s AARS winning roses are displayed here.

More Features at the Hershey Gardens:

Seasonal Display Garden:  This seasonal display of the Gardens is one of the most amazing the Gardens have to offer, and visitors frequently return to this garden several times a year to watch the collection grow through the seasonal cycles. Thirty thousand tulips from over 100 different varieties start off each year with a fantastic spring bloom. The summer months bring a kaleidoscope of color from the vast collection of annuals, while the chrysanthemums bring in the fall with their bright yellow and brilliant reds. This local favorite offers something for everyone in any season.

Memorial Garden:  Laid out in all American red, white, and blue, the Gardens pays tribute to all of our soldiers who fight and defend our country with this garden dedicated to their service.

Perennial Garden:  This colorful garden returns year after year with perfectly selected groups of plants that provide brilliant blooms from the start of the spring season, all the way through the year into late fall. The garden starts off with stunning hyacinths and daffodils, scilla and rhododendrons, followed up by salvias, daylilies, and irises, and the year ends with chrysanthemums and ornamental grasses. This garden is a must see any time of the year.

Other Points of Interest at the Hershey Gardens:

Herb Garden:  This renowned garden is a delight for all the senses. All of the herbs in this garden are cataloged according to their various uses, whether that be culinary, medicinal, household, or aromatic. The herb garden at the Gardens has something everyone will love.

Arboretum:  The Arboretum at the Gardens surrounds a shady garden with cypress trees, hemlocks, beech, horsechestnuts, and snowbell that offers fragrant blooms.

Rock Garden:  This four season garden offers visitors a collection of subtle texture and color with its boxwoods and hollies, dwarf conifers and dogwoods, all are planted with colorful assortments of perennials and blooming bulb plants.

Japanese Garden:  Giant sequoias tower over this garden that offers visitors tranquility and relaxation next to a reflective pond and a gurgling stream. Ornamental lanterns, private little bridges, and meticulously landscaped stones add to the mystique of this secluded garden.

The Hershey Gardens provides numerous programs to the public, including scavenger hunts, boy and girl scout programs, summer youth groups, as well as countless school based programs where students can come to the gardens and learn about the importance of nature, and man’s interaction with it.

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Hershey Gardens
Hershey Gardens
Hershey Gardens
Hershey Gardens
Hershey Gardens