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Hudson Gardens Hours & Location:

Hours: The Gardens are open all year long, Monday – Saturday from 9am to 5pm, with Sunday hours over the summer months starting June – August, open 9am to 3pm.

Contact Info: The Gardens are located at 6115 South Santa Fe Drive, Littleton, CO 80120 - Phone: 303-797-8565

Displays at the Gardens:

Welcome Garden:  Located right behind the Garden’s gift shop, the Welcome Garden sits on a grassy knoll that has expansive southern and western views of the grounds. This is the newest addition at the Gardens and has a great cobblestone bridge that is surrounded by amazing flower beds.

Fragrance Garden:  The Fragrance Garden offers visitors the chance to experience a full range of fragrances and textures through this hands on exhibit. You will be able to not only see the beautiful plantings at the Hudson Gardens, but touch and smell them as well. The entire garden is planted in raised flower beds that literally allow you a better vantage point to smell the plants. Among the collection you will find Russian sage, rosemary, fennel, lavender, centifolia, damask, and other roses.

Oval Garden & Wedding Walk:  Located on the northern grounds of the Hudson Gardens you will find the signature Oval Garden. This garden covers two acres of ground and includes twenty two thousand square feet of perennial plants, with dozens of pockets of annuals that provide constant bloom. In 2005 the Oval Garden was expanded with an engraved brick path that commemorated anniversaries and weddings. This spectacular display of texture and color is shaped like a butterfly, and has hosted numerous weddings and receptions since its introduction.

The Inn:  The Inn at the Gardens is a distinctive venue for events year round. The Inn is surrounded by conifer trees that were planted by King Hudson. This log cabin is charming over the winter months and holidays, and a visual delight during the blooming summer months. The Inn can accommodate up to 250 guests.

Interesting Features at the Hudson Gardens:

The Garden Canopy:  Right next door to the Oval Garden lies the Garden Canopy. Whether you have a casual event, or a formal one, the canopy brings outdoor beauty to your event. This site at the Gardens is available all year long and comes equipped with electricity, plumbing, lights, heat, and detachable soft walls.

Cutting Garden:  To the east of the former Hudson residence is the Cutting Garden. This area features all sorts of colorful and fragrant plants that are suitable for cutting. This little garden serves as small landscape demonstration that is an educational tool on the variety of plants that are suited to the Colorado climate.

Cottage Garden:  Landscaped in the traditional style of the English cottage garden, this area of the Gardens is small, but well stocked with a rather large variety of plant life. This patented garden was planted and designed by renowned horticulturalist Lauren Springer. This garden provides on-going color and texture beginning in February and continuing into November. Among the collection guests will enjoy daphne, roses, ferns, snow daises, and late blooming anemones.

Rose Garden:  Many of the varieties of roses in the Rose Garden date back to biblical times during the war of the roses. The roses featured here range from those historical species, to those found in modern gardens today. This unique addition to the Hudson Gardens is the first garden of its kind planted in Colorado. A stunning fountain and pool serve as the centerpiece of this garden, surrounded by a wall and two pergolas that are covered with climbing roses.

Iris Bed:  This isn’t your average iris garden. Visitors will find spectacular arrays of colors and textures, including the Grand Canyon and Heavenly Horns irises, as well as many award winning irises from local breeders. It is difficult to miss this amazing display as you walk the gardens in may when the plants are in bloom.

Features of the Hudson Gardens:

The Hudson Residence:  The original residence of King and Evelyn Hudson is now an elegant and intimate setting filled with garden phlox that bloom in the summer, and snowy conifers that provide amazing texture in the winter months.

Garden Railroad:  This miniature railroad at the Hudson Gardens is made up with more than forty tons of Colorado rock, and 700 feet of railroad track. This perfectly recreated landscape features simultaneously running steam and diesel engine trains that loop around and over one another through a variety of bridges, trestles, waterfalls, and tracks. Railroad hobbyists and enthusiasts flock to this popular attraction each year.

Xeriscape Garden:  The right combination of plants and turf can drastically cut back the water requirements of any garden over the course of the year, as demonstrated in this educational garden. Dwarf fescue and blue gamma grasses are excellent examples of low water turf. The Gardens also planted many popular plants such as coneflowers, daylilies, Echinacea, and many native shrubs that are naturally low water consumption plants.

Herb Garden:  The Herb Garden at the Hudson Gardens is an excellent resource for home gardeners looking to grow herbs in their own gardens. Herbs are both wonderful to smell and beautiful to see, but herbs have also long been used in cooking, medicines, and simply as landscape elements. Come to the Gardens and see all the different ways you can grow herbs for yourself, as well as some of the many uses they serve.

Other Points of Interest at the Hudson Gardens:

Santa Fe Garden:  Located at the northern end of Hudson Gardens is a collection of Plant Select plants that is a program administered by the Denver Botanic Gardens, and the Colorado State University. This collection features plants and flora that are uniquely suited to thrive in the Rocky Mountain region.

Deciduous Woodland

The Wetlands

Hobbit Hole

Rock Garden Canyon

Conifer Grove

The Cascades

Wildflower Meadow

Water Garden

Secret Garden

Shade Garden

Ornamental Grasses Garden

Justin’s Bridge

Victoria Water Lilies

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Hudson Gardens
Hudson Gardens
Hudson Gardens
Hudson Gardens
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