Hydroponic Fertilizers

What are Hydroponic Fertilizers?:

Fertilizers for your hydroponic system are the nutrients that feed your plants so they can grow big and strong and bear fruit or flowers. Some believe that these fertilizers are just generic plant food and are universal. The fact is, hydroponic nutrients are incredibly complex substances that are created to supply your plants with everything they require throughout their entire life cycle. Before you go out and start buying these substances, you should know a little bit about them.

When you start shopping for hydroponic fertilizers, you are going to be inundated with such a large choice of options that it may seem overwhelming. The hydroponics industry is constantly changing and evolving, so it would be impossible to list every option available. Instead we have decided to give you a brief overview of a few of the options, so you can see what is out there and how they are used. Hopefully by the end of this article you will have a better understanding of what fertilizers you could use.

BioThrive Hydroponic Fertilizers:

One such line of fertilizers for hydroponic use are the BioThrive formulas. These are organic formulas that are not only limited to hydroponic use, but can also be used in traditional gardens as well. They are formulated to meet your plants' growing requirements no matter what stage of their life cycle they are in. They are a vegan line of products, meaning they are made entirely from the extracts from plants, sea kelp, and different minerals. They provide essential nutrients that will help your plants stay healthy and strong.

Like most hydroponic fertilizers, these are broken down into two formulas, one for Grow and the other for Bloom. The grow formula is designed to help your plants maximize the growth of their leaves, stems, and roots. This fast growth formula will help give your plants a strong frame to start with, that will later be used to support bigger fruit and flowers.

The bloom formula is just as the name implies, this is a fertilizer for the flowering stage of your plants' life. This stage is extremely important, especially if you are growing vegetables. The right balance of nutrition will allow your plants to have an even bigger harvest.

BioRoot & BioWeed Hydroponic Fertilizers:

BioRoot is a supplement that helps promote root growth through natural ingredients, allowing your plants to build strong and healthy root systems early on, leading to much stronger plants down the line. This particular formula is filled with enzymes, vitamins, and organic acids that will stimulate more root growth than your plants would achieve normally. This makes BioRoot an excellent choice for cuttings and seedlings that are just being established. BioRoot can be used on virtually any plant, whether grown hydroponically or in a traditional soil garden.

BioWeed is formulated using a blend of seaweeds that go a long way towards enhancing the vitality of your plants and growing medium. Many hydroponic growers swear by seaweed based products because they make great plant boosters and have even been recognized to reduce plant stress. BioWeed works in conjunction with other hydroponic fertilizers to encourage root growth, as well as helping the plant produce foliage, and later fruit and flowers. Like all the other formulas in this like, BioWeed can be used in just about any type of growing medium.

BioBud & BioMarine Hydroponic Fertilizers:

BioBud is an extremely powerful bloom booster that will turn your plants into flowering and fruit generating machines. The secret to this formula's success is in how it boosts the metabolism of the plant and improves its ability to absorb minerals from the nutrient solution. When applied during the flowering stage, this booster will cause your plants to produce spectacular flowers as well as bigger and flavorful fruit. The results are truly stunning and you can use this formula along with any other base fertilizer in hydroponic systems as well as regular potting soil or garden soil.

BioMarine is an organic fertilizer that is made entirely out of processed fish. Filled with essential nutrients, oils, and proteins, BioMarine will not only improve the growth rate of your plants, but it will also increase their resistance to certain pests. You can use BioMarine on plants of all types and at any stage in their growth cycle, whether they are seedlings or full mature plants getting ready to bloom. This special blend will help naturally support your plant's health as well as stimulate the microbiology in your growing medium.

Supplements for Hydroponic Fertilizers:

Now that you have an idea of what types of nutrients and hydroponic fertilizers you can choose from, there are also various supplements and amendments that you can use to achieve various results in your hydroponic system. One popular type is a calcium magnesium supplement that is essential to a plant's growth. Many fertilizers and growing mediums do not contain these two minerals and that could lead to poor growth. This type of supplement will also lead to better plant metabolism, meaning healthier fruits and flowers.

Humic acids are another important supplement that help plants improve their ability to absorb nutrients. DiamondBlack is one type of supplement that is derived from a type of carbon that exists in peat bogs that date back to prehistoric times. What makes DiamondBlack so effective is that it contains an unusually high concentration of plant humates, which promote the retention of nutrients and result in lower water consumption. DiamondBlack is also used in the making of compost.

One last amendment I'd like to mention is AncientForest. This is an all natural soil amendment that is made from 100% forest humus. This mix makes for an ideal gardening and potting soil amendment by improving the moisture retention of the growing medium thereby improving the absorption of nutrients.  There are a wide range of hydroponic fertilizers on the market, be sure to choose the one that works best for you!

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Hydroponic Fertilizers
Hydroponic Fertilizers
Hydroponic Fertilizers
Hydroponic Fertilizers
Hydroponic Fertilizers