Japanese Garden Ideas

Introduction to Japanese Garden Ideas:

Learn how to build a Japanese garden in no time with just basic tools you most likely already have in your shed or garage. Designing Japanese gardens are an ancient tradition that used to be passed down from sensai to apprentice and only until recently they were kept highly secretive from outsiders. Nowadays this style is used all over the world at historical landmarks, botanical gardens, and private homes.

Garden Japanese Lanterns: Learn about the different styles of Japanese lanterns that are available that you can use in your own Japanese garden at your home. Japanese lanterns have a deep rooted history in garden designs. Back in ancient times these lanterns were hand carved out of solid stone and sometimes took years to finish.

History of Japanese Gardens: If you would like to learn the history of Japanese garden ideas then this is the article for you. Educate yourself on the ancient traditions of this legendary garden style that is rich in history and symbolism. For centuries this art was kept a secret from the outside world, but now you can learn all the elements that go into designing Japanese gardens.

Elements of Japanese Garden Ideas:

Indoor Japanese Gardens: Japanese gardens are not simply for outdoor enjoyment, you can design a Japanese garden inside your home or office as well! Whether you build a permanent fixed garden into your living room, or maybe you just want a small accent that fits on your desk top, Japanese garden Ideas lend themselves well to both small and large designs.

Japanese Garden Bridge Plans: Bridges have always played an important role in the design of Japanese gardens. In this article we will explore some of the many Japanese garden bridge plans that are out there, and how you can use them in your own designs!

Japanese Garden Buildings: For centuries Japanese gardens have incorporated different buildings and structures into their garden designs for various reasons and effects. Here we will discuss some of these ideas and how Japanese garden buildings can influence a design.

Constructing Japanese Garden Ideas:

Japanese Garden Design Plans: So you would like to put a Japanese garden around your home but you are not quite sure where to begin? Learn some of the tips and techniques that master gardeners all around the world use to design their own Japanese gardens.

Japanese Garden Knives: Also commonly referred to as a Hori Hori, Japanese garden knives were digging knives that Japanese gardeners frequently carried and used for various tasks around the garden. Typically 15 inches in length these double bladed knives had a serrated blade on one side and could be used for digging, cutting, weeding, and many other jobs necessary to maintain a Japanese garden.

Japanese Garden Music: Japanese garden music was typically intended to be peaceful and relaxing to the listener while adding to the serenity of the physical garden itself. There are many different types of Japanese garden music available today.

Public Japanese Garden Ideas:

Japanese Gardens Florida: If you are a Floridian and would like to visit some Japanese gardens in your state, take a look through this article for one nearest you. Most botanical gardens have some type of Japanese gardens in them so you can take a day trip to visit one.

Japanese Gardens Houston: Take a look at several Japanese garden ideas located in or around the Houston area. Hermann Park is notably one of the most popular. Houston Park also has a Japanese garden that you can visit as well for ideas for Japanese gardens at your own home.

Japanese Gardens Portland Oregon: The Portland Japanese Garden sits on 5 and a half acres of land in the western hills of downtown Portland. Take the family on an awe inspiring trip that you will not soon forget.

Japanese Gardens San Antonio: San Antonio has several Japanese gardens that you can visit if you are interested in a Japanese garden of your own and need inspiration. Most notably the Sunken Garden in the San Antonio Botanical Garden are sure to give you endless ideas to draw from.

Japanese Garden Ideas:

Japanese Rock Garden Pictures: Japanese rock garden pictures are available for virtually any style of Japanese garden imaginable. Looking through pictures is always helpful when coming up with ideas for your own Japanese garden. We will try to direct you to some of the more popular ones.

Making a Japanese Garden: Learn the steps towards making a Japanese garden of your own. There are many tips and techniques that you can use to make a Japanese garden that is truly stunning. Be the envy of your friends and neighbors when you show them your new garden designs.

Seattle Japanese Gardens: Find Japanese gardens in the Seattle area that you can visit on a day trip with the family. The Kubota Gardens and the University of Washington Botanic Gardens both have Japanese garden styling that you can use as inspiration for a Japanese garden of your own!

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Japanese Garden Ideas

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