Mr Lincoln Roses

History of Mr Lincoln Roses:

This dark red hybrid tea rose was bred back in 1964 in the Unites States by the partnership Swim & Weeks that was formed back in the 1950's. Herb Swim and Ollie Weeks were both longtime rose breeders who decided to start their own company to continue their passion. Mister Lincoln roses grow pretty tall for their class growing anywhere between 3 feet and 7 feet depending on pruning and growing conditions. They tend to stay fairly narrow at around 2 feet wide, choosing instead to grow upward.

Mr Lincoln roses produce very large dark red blooms that average about 5 inches in diameter and are very full having up to 35 to 40 petals per bloom. Mister Lincoln roses have a very strong damask scent and are often grown for cut flowers in arrangements. Often you will find growers placing this rose near a patio or a window that they typically leave open so that they can enjoy its strong scent even when they aren’t standing directly beside it. The rose Mister Lincoln is very hardy and extremely vigorous however it does have a susceptibility to blackspot. This rose grows so quickly however that you can simply prune away the infected areas and it will regrow them in no time.

Growing Mr Lincoln Roses:

Mister Lincoln roses are far more tolerant of heat than many other varieties and they will thrive in zones 7 through 10. This variety is a repeat bloomer so it goes without saying that sun light is vital to the long term success of this rose. You are going to want to find a location that gets a lot of direct sun light every day, at a minimum of 6 to 8 hours. It is even best if you can find a spot that gets the morning sun light to burn off the dew quickly. Since the rose Mister Lincoln is susceptible to blackspot, this will help tremendously.

Mr Lincoln roses also will need to be grown in a location where the soil drains well and has good air circulation. Both of these will also go a long way to keeping your roses healthy. If you are unsure about the quality of your soil, read on to the next section where we will discuss how you can amend the soil to give your Mister Lincoln roses a great start.

Planting Mr Lincoln Roses:

How you plant your Mister Lincoln roses depends in part on how you purchased them. If you ordered them from an online nursery then you most likely got them as bareroot plants that are still dormant. If you found them locally, then they were probably already planted in a 2 or 3 gallon container and probably ready to bloom. Before you start digging, I highly recommend that you pick up a bag of an organic compost from the local garden center. Most places carry some form of this stuff and it is usually inexpensive.

When you dig your hole, take the soil and mix it with the compost at a ratio of 2 parts soil to 1 part compost. I got turned on to this mix a few years ago and I'm always amazed at how well all my plants do with such a simple soil mix. It also can amend just about any soil and make it better than it was before. Give it a try and see if you don't agree.

Now if your Mister Lincoln roses came as bareroot plants, you will need to dig the hole wide enough so that all the roots fit in naturally without forcing them into the hole. You should dig the hole deep enough so that you can mound up some soil in the center and keep the bud union about an inch or two below the surface of the soil once the hole is filled.

If your Mr Lincoln roses are in containers, then dig a hole about twice the diameter of the container and equally as deep. This gives you plenty of room to add the new soil mix while still maintaining the current depth of the bud union as it is in the container.

Once your Mister Lincoln roses are set in place, start off by back filling the hole halfway to start and then use a garden hose to water it heavily until the loose soil is almost the consistency of mud. You can then go ahead and back fill the rest of the way and water it once more to fully settle the soil around the roots.

Caring for Mr Lincoln Roses:

Taking care of Mister Lincoln roses is pretty easy as this variety is pretty resilient. I always will give my roses a dose of an all-purpose granular rose food in early spring just as the leaves begin to bud. For most cases this can be sufficient however for repeat bloomers like this, you may want to feed them again as the first major bloom begins to develop and once more around the middle of the summer to promote additional blooms.

Make sure that your Mister Lincoln roses get ample water, but do not over-do it. A good rule of thumb is one deep watering each week whether Mother Nature does the job for you or not.

Pruning Mr Lincoln Roses:

Pruning your Mister Lincoln roses is easy and straight-forward. Start off by removing all the dead wood as well as any canes that look diseased or discolored. This is usually the time I also rake up around the base of my plant and get rid of any debris and dead leaves that have collected around the base.

Next, start cutting back any lateral canes on your Mr Lincoln roses that overlap one another as these will eventually compete for sun light once the leaves open. You also will want to remove any suckers that have formed from the base of the plant. Remove these by pulling them downward and tearing them away. Cutting them off with shears only encourages new ones to form.

Lastly, cut back the remaining main canes by about one-third of their current height and give your roses a fresh layer of mulch around the base.

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Mr Lincoln Roses
Mr Lincoln Roses
Mr Lincoln Roses
Mr Lincoln Roses
Mr Lincoln Roses