New Dawn Roses

Introduction to New Dawn Roses:

Climbing roses are rapidly becoming a cornerstone in most gardeners' rose collections for a variety of reasons. For the most part climbing roses are simply genetic mutations of many different varieties of bush roses, bred to grow to much larger heights. Climbing roses will typically bloom heavily in the spring and then if maintained properly, they will continue with smaller scattered blooms for the rest of the growing season. The New Dawn is one of the most popular of these types of roses!

In 1997 this rose was given a unique distinction when it was votes as being the most popular rose in the entire world during the 11th World Convention of the Rose Societies. Since then New Dawn roses have been considered the standard by which all other climbing roses have been judged. This rose is both elegant and classic and is extremely versatile in any landscaping idea! You can shape this rose into a tree shape, allow it to grow as a vigorous climber, or you can prune it heavily and keep it shaped as a traditional bush rose.

Growing New Dawn Roses:

The ample blooms on the New Dawn will be about 3 inch wide double blooms with 15 or so petals each and they will have a gorgeous light to silvery pink color. This rose is very fragrant and is also somewhat tolerant of the shade, which makes it a little more versatile than some other rose varieties. If left to grow as a climber, New Dawn will reach heights of 12 to 18 feet and it will spread out 6 to 10 feet wide. If you are concerned about hardiness, don't worry, the New Dawn is hardy in zones 4 through 10.

The New Dawn is also very resistant to diseases which make it a popular choice for beginning growers and veterans alike! If you are looking for an attractive and vigorous climbing rose to add to your landscaping ideas, New Dawn roses are absolutely the way to go! There are few people who view this rose that will not be taken aback by its beauty. This is one of those roses that fits well in any garden! The New Dawn can also be grown in a container however you will have to keep it well pruned or it will quickly outgrow its given space. Just make sure that you provide freezing protection for it should you decide to go this route.

Site Selection for New Dawn Roses:

Before you start digging a hole to plant your New Dawn, make sure that you have the proper location in your garden to give it the best chance possible for success. This particular variety can be grown in partial shade locations, however it won't perform at its best if you do. Try to find it a sunny spot that gets a minimum of 6 to 8 hours each day of direct sunlight. The more the better and it will certainly reward you for it.

You also need to make sure that the spot you pick has good air circulation, as well as soil that drains well. Roses in general do not do too well if they are soggy for long periods of time and you risk opening them up to various diseases and pests if you keep them too wet. The soil condition can always be corrected by amending it with various things, but more often than not air circulation cannot be readily improved, especially if you have structures blocking the air flow. Just do your best to give your New Dawn roses the best spot you possibly can.

Planting New Dawn Roses:

Planting the New Dawn is really easy to do and only requires a few basic hand tools to get the job done. Before you start digging, I highly recommend that you take a trip to your local garden center and pick up a bag of a nice organic compost. When you dig up the soil for the hole, put it into a wheel barrow and mix it with the compost at a ratio of 2 parts soil to 1 part compost. This will be your new soil mix for back filling the hole.

For a bareroot plant, make sure that you dig the hole wide enough to handle the roots without forcing them into the hole. You also need to dig it deep enough so that you can mound up some soil in the center of the hole and allow the roots to angle downward naturally. If you bought your New Dawn roses in containers, just dig the hole about twice the diameter of the container, and equally as deep.

Once the plant is set, back fill the hole about halfway and then water it thoroughly until it is almost like mud. Then fill the hole the rest of the way and water it again. This helps to settle the soil and prevents air pockets from forming around the roots.

Pruning New Dawn Roses:

Pruning climbing roses is actually quite easy even though many people think it is difficult to do. You will want to prune in early spring or late winter, before the leaves begin to form on the plant. Start off with the basics, cut away any dead canes as well as any that look diseased. This is also a good time to clean up the loose and dead leaves that are probably lying around the base of the plant from the previous season. Never let debris lie at the base of your New Dawn as this could be an invitation to pests and diseases.

Next, start trimming back the lateral canes that overlap one another. The lateral canes are the narrower ones that grow off the main canes and branch out in every direction. You can also begin shaping the plant by training canes to grow the direction you would like. Simply cut them back to a bud that faces the direction you want the cane to grow. It is really that simple!

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New Dawn Rose
New Dawn Rose
New Dawn Rose
New Dawn Rose
New Dawn Rose