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Norfolk Botanical Gardens Hours & Location:

Hours: The Norfolk Gardens are open year round from 9am – 7pm, with earlier closing times during fall and winter. The Garden is closed on New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Contact Info: The Norfolk Gardens are located at 6700 Azalea Garden Road, Norfolk, VA 23518 - Phone: 757-441-5830

About the Norfolk Gardens:

WOW Children’s Garden:  Three acres of grounds are dedicated to children and their families. The children’s garden has several individual areas that offer children various lessons that they can interact with. The World Plaza inside the Norfolk Botanical Gardens is a collection of water jets, fountains, foggers, and bubblers that take children on an exciting journey exploring the oceans and major waterways found on our planet. Discovery Peak takes children on a tour across various world trade routes and showcases plants from different continents.

The Dirt Factory is a gigantic tree house where children can explore, climb, and dig, all while learning about bugs and plant seeds. The Plant Safari takes children on an exciting tour through deserts, grasslands, forests, and wetlands. Passport Gardens explores several unique habitats that our world has to offer, and gives a glimpse at the type of people who live there.

Among them you will explore a Northern Coniferous Forest, African Grassland, Mediterranean Chaparral, South American Rain Forest, Australian Outback, and an Eastern US Deciduous forest. The Children’s Garden at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens also has an Exploration station that functions as a classroom and is the perfect place for birthday parties and nature camps.

Features of the Norfolk Botanical Gardens:

Renaissance Garden:  This magnificent garden at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens was first completed in 1984 and is modeled in late 16th century classical Italian design. Ornamental balustrades outline symmetrical grass terraces. Intricately carved statues stand at the four corners of the garden, representing the four seasons. The garden also sports a fountain and reflective pool, and a coronation court that is used each year to crown the annual Azalea Queen every year.

Japanese Garden:  Built in honor of the sister city of Norfolk, Moji, Japan, the Japanese Garden in the Norfolk Botanical Gardens was built back in 1962. Meticulously landscaped stones, water elements, and evergreens all are inclusive of hill and pond designs, the traditional style that is found in most Japanese gardens.

Sensory Garden:  This is a garden that is sure to please all of the senses. The perennials and herbs planted here entice visitors to touch and smell them. The Garden encourages visitors to this garden to explore the plants in this hands on exhibit.

WPA Memorial Garden:  Started in 1938 using a city grant of seventy six thousand dollars, this garden began as an azalea garden project intended to rival the gardens of neighboring Charleston. The workers on this site used only shovels, pickaxes, and wheelbarrows to clear out acres of land to make way for the thousands of rhododendrons, azaleas, and camellias, over a four year period. This memorial honors those men and women who created this legacy for future generations.

Bicentennial Rose Garden:  The Norfolk Gardens dedicated this rose garden in 1976 as a tribute to the bicentennial of the nation. More than three thousand roses are planted in this accredited AAS garden. During the peak of the blooming season, visitors will marvel at a quarter of a million roses all in full bloom.

Collections at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens:

Flowering Arboretum:  Seventeen acres in the heart of the Norfolk Botanical Gardens belong to the Arboretum. The collection includes over 336 different varieties of blooming trees. Due to the wide range of colors and fragrances these tree produce, the arboretum has become a remarkable horticultural reference for students and homeowners looking to learn more.

Perennial Garden:  This circular garden is divided into wedge shaped planting beds that surround a central fountain made out of limestone. The beds contain over two hundred types of perennials that come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Virginia Native Plant Garden:  The Norfolk Gardens encourages visitors to come explore and admire its collection of plants that are native to Virginia’s coastal plain. A boardwalk leads guests through several habitats including swamp land and forests.

Baker Overlook:  This secluded site was constructed with dirt that was excavated from the nearby canal. A gazebo and a large double tiered deck offer a spectacular view of the canal and the gardens.

Border Walk:  A main path through the Garden leads visitors to the Border Walk. Blooming shrubs, hibiscus, annuals and perennials all come together to form a romantic and soft garden design that is sure to set the heart aflame.

Colonial Herb Garden:  The herb garden at the Norfolk Gardens takes guests back to a time when mankind heavily relied on plants in a wide range of uses in daily life. Whether it be ornamental, medicinal, or culinary, this gardens illustrates plants that were commonly found and used in colonial times.

Enchanted Forest:  The enchanted forest can be found on the northern end of the Norfolk Gardens. This collection of hickory, oak, and pines offer strollers a peaceful and quiet location to watch birds and other wildlife. Choose between a woodland or paved pathway, and start exploring.

Other Points of Interest Norfolk Botanical Gardens:

Figure Eight Garden:  Surprises can be found at every hidden nook in this impressive, but informal collection of woodland shrubs and azaleas.

Fern Glade:  This fern sanctuary is set lovingly in a shady forest of hollies, sweetgums, red maples, and pines. Lose yourself in the secluded patios in the heart of the Norfolk Botanical Gardens.

Four Seasons Garden

Matson Garden

Mirror Lake

Rhododendron Glade

The Shady Woods

Bristow Butterfly Garden

Kaufman Hydrangea Garden

Statuary Vista

All American Selections Garden

Healing Garden

Circle Garden

Cutting Garden

Fragrance Garden

Hummingbird Garden

NATO Overlook

Norfolk Airport Overlook

Purity Garden

Tropical Garden

Winter Garden

Hofheimer Camellia Garden

Conifer Garden

Holly Garden

Sunken Garden

Tropical Display House

Champion Trees

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Norfolk Botanical Gardens
Norfolk Botanical Gardens
Norfolk Botanical Gardens
Norfolk Botanical Gardens
Norfolk Botanical Gardens