Rock Garden Designs

Introduction to Rock Garden Designs:

Creating rock gardens can often be a daunting task, we can help by explaining some of the most popular styles. There really is no limit to the amount of variations you can incorporate into your rock garden. The right blend of plant life and rock can not only create a truly natural looking environment, but it can also become a habitat for wildlife. There are so many options available to you, let’s discuss some of them now.

Berm Rock Gardens: Just as the name implies, these rock garden designs are raised, hilly style garden that doesn’t have formal boundaries. Most often, berm gardens are actually built on level ground using mounds of rock garden soil of varying sizes. The mounds then form the foundation of the berms, and provide a rough outline. Larger rocks are then partially buried and then each mound is topped with several inches of garden soil. Once you have the structural part of the rock garden laid out, you can add colorful and interesting plants to flesh out the design.

Woodland & Accented Rock Garden Designs:

Woodland Rock Gardens: Woodland gardens are extremely popular rock gardens because they tend to be shady gardens where one an escape the heat of the summer. When choosing your plants for these types of gardens, make sure they are tolerant of low water conditions because trees do not share the available water well with their smaller friends. Many times what gardeners will do is supplement the watering of these types of gardens using hidden sprinklers and soaker hoses.

Accented Rock Gardens: Accented rock garden designs are where the garden has one or more large rocks that act as a central focal point for the entire garden, much like a fountain or a statue. These rock designs are very adaptable to virtually any growing conditions and the only real limit is your own imagination. Most landscaping supply companies that sell stone and such will almost certainly have larger rocks available for sale. Consider browsing through their selection to see if any of them spark your imagination.

Japanese & Water Rock Garden Designs:

Japanese Rock Gardens: Japanese rock gardens are incredibly landscaped and sculpted gardens that give the visitor a sense of peace and tranquility. While these gardens have been around for centuries, they have only gained popularity in western civilization in the last couple of decades. If you have ever wanted to add a traditional Japanese rock garden to your own home, read our articles on the different styles and techniques to help you get started.

Water Gardens: Water gardens have seen an explosion in popularity in recent years and there is no better use of rocks and stone than to create a wonderful mountain pond in your own yard. Water features can be incorporated into most rock garden designs with a little bit of planning and ingenuity. You don’t need to settle for just a simple pond either. You can use a gentle slope to create a meandering stream that feeds itself for continuing flow. You can wrap it around a pleasant sitting area if you want to be able to sit and listen to the soothing flow of water.

Miniature & Raised Rock Garden Designs:

Miniature Rock Gardens: If space is something you are short on, miniature rock gardens might be the answer! Dwarf conifers are a great addition to these types of gardens because they fit the theme so well. You don’t need to go big and elaborate, maybe a few large rocks on a hillside of otherwise unusable ground, mixed with a generous selection of woody plants and evergreens, is all it would take to create a small decorative garden.

Raised Bed Rock Gardens: Not all of your rock gardens have to look like they occurred naturally. If you like having defined borders in your garden, you can design a raised bed that incorporates all the natural look and feel of a traditional rock garden, but in a defined and bordered space. Whether you build your bed out of stucco, landscaping blocks, mountain or sandstone, you can create some truly stunning displays.

Some of the benefits to raised beds is they require a lot less work to maintain than a traditional garden because you don’t have to bend so low to the ground and you have better access to all sides of the planting bed. With a raised rock garden you can also build the walls wide enough to provide their own seating if you would like to be able to sit and admire your garden.

Ideas for Rock Garden Designs:

Rock Gardens: There are a wide range of rock designs that you could pull from if you are looking to start a project around your home. The style of the garden depends alot on the existing ground that you have to work with. Rock gardens are considerably more difficult to plan and construct, compared to a traditional garden because there are alot more conditions that have to be met for rock garden plants to thrive. Learn the tips and techniques for building these gardens, and make yours look like it was done by a professional.

Rock Garden Ideas: There are alot of sources that you can go to in order to find rock garden ideas for your home. Within these articles we try to sort through the clutter and get down to the real facts and try to find different ways to offer inspiration for your next rock garden project. Everything from the type of soil you should mix up, to the various plants and flowers that typically thrive in rock gardens. We hope this resource will provide you with all the ideas you could ever need.

Rock Garden Waterfalls: If you have ever wanted to add some waterfalls to your rock gardens, we have some great ideas to share with you! There are far more options out there than most people realize, so before you rush out and purchase your waterfall or fountain, read our article for more information on the various options.

Container Rock Garden Designs:

Container Rock Gardens: Creating a container rock garden is an excellent idea for plants that are sensitive or not hardy, and need to be moved inside or sheltered during the colder months. Various alpine plants, along with other compact plants commonly found in rock gardens are great choices for container rock gardens. These small mature plants become very mobile and can be moved around as you desire, or as weather conditions permit. Container plants are very easy to grow and can add to the decor of virtually any location.

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Rock Garden Designs

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Rock Garden Designs
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