Rock Garden Ideas

Choosing a Site for Your Rock Garden Ideas:

So you are looking to incorporate a few of your garden ideas around your home, but you’re not quite sure where to get started. No worries, we can help guide you through a few of the Do’s and Don’ts and hopefully give you some inspiration and get your project rolling! Now you might already have a few good ideas on where you’d like to build a rock garden, but just in case we are going to cover a few of the basics to make sure you’ve thought everything through. You can pretty much build your garden ideas just about anywhere because the existing soil and landscaping are all but moot in the design.

You are going to be mixing your own soil for this garden, and more than likely you will be terraforming the site into something completely different than what you have now, so it really doesn’t matter what the soil quality is currently. This does raise one consideration however that you may or may not want to think about. Is the proposed site useful for any other type of garden that interests you?

If you are looking at a site that has unusually good soil quality, you may want to save that spot for another project. Rock garden ideas are typically built on sites that otherwise don’t support plants very well, and you may not want to ruin a perfectly good location by filling it with rocks that you may regret later on.

Expanding Your Rock Garden Ideas:

Another aspect to think about is future expansion. If you’re like most gardeners, you will come up with new and inventive garden ideas as time goes on and you don’t want to limit yourself right from the get go. Does the site have room to expand should you choose to? Can you easily run electric to the location, in the event that you decide to add lighting or other effects? Is the location in a normal traffic pattern, or will you be adding a path to the design? These are all valid considerations you should think about before starting any new garden ideas.

Buying Supplies: For most of you, finding the supplies for your new rock garden ideas won’t require much more than a drive to your local nursery or garden center. These days you can find more stones, rocks, and landscaping blocks than you could ever hope to use, so you won’t be hurting for new garden ideas. This is the part of the process however where starting off with a solid plan will go a long way. You could always do what many others do and just start grabbing random items that you hope will come together, or you can slow down, explore all the options available to you, and build your garden ideas from there.

I’m a big fan of having a plan and I like to be able to see the plan in my head from start to finish before I ever take the first step. That prevents me from hitting a roadblock in the middle of the process and having no idea how to get around it. You will need to come up with a process that works for you of course, but you can never go wrong planning out a project.

Rock Garden Ideas - Entrances:

I’m a big fan of rocks and other similar types of landscaping used on paths and entranceways. Depending on how your home is laid out, maybe you have a sidewalk leading from the driveway or street to the front door. These are great locations for rock gardens because the front door of your home is a transitional point from the outside world to the inside. What a great way to add a comforting sense of peace and serenity by adding some rock garden ideas to this focal point. If you have the space, you could even consider a small water feature. A plastic basin and a pump is all it takes to turn a pile of rocks into a soft soothing mini waterfall.

Rock Garden Ideas - Patios & Ponds:

Patio Features: There are plenty of rock garden ideas that you can implement to enhance the look of your patio or deck. While most decks are going to be limited as to how much weight you can put on them, there are smaller portable fountains and waterfalls that you can use in those applications. Patios on the other hand are built on the ground so you can get as wild and as big as you want to go! How great would it be to have a stone patio with a rock pond with a few koi fish, and maybe even a soothing waterfall feeding into it?

Ponds & Streams: While ponds are popular rock garden ideas that many people use in their backyards, streams are one of those ideas that are often not considered. It is true that designing a stream in your backyard requires more space than a traditional pond design, but how amazing would it be if you could connect several ponds and create an enclosed miniature version of a mountain stream? All you would need to do is find an area of your yard that has a gentle slope, one where you could create ponds at slightly different elevations. Then connect each pond with a designed runoff system that channeled the overflow from one section into another. At the last pond you use a pump to ultimately feed the water back to the starting point, and let the cycle run continuously.

Rock Garden Ideas - Walls:

Walls: Rock walls are very common choices for people who don’t like the uniform look of the pre-formed landscaping blocks. These garden ideas are generally easy to install, albeit a little backbreaking moving all the stone that is required. There are lots of plant options available to you as well, that can thrive mixed in with the rocky soil around walls. With a little creative designing, you could even build rock planters at different points in the wall for permanent planters.

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Rock Garden Ideas
Rock Garden Ideas
Rock Garden Ideas
Rock Garden Ideas
Rock Garden Ideas