Roses and their Meanings

History of Roses and their Meanings:

Roses have long been grown for their beauty and elegance. For as long as mankind has grown and cultivated roses, they have also been used as the flower of choice to be given as gifts for special events, major life changes, and often times just as a way to tell someone how you feel about them. While most people automatically think of red roses, there are a wide range of colors out there.

Red roses have always been the color of choice for holidays and birthdays because everyone knows red symbolizes love. But have you ever considered buying roses of any other color? Would you even know what their meaning was if you did? As I was researching this article I thought I had a firm grasp on the meaning of roses as a gift, but I was excited and astonished to discover I knew far less than I thought I did about roses and their meanings.

Red Roses and their Meanings:

Red roses are by far the most symbolic of all the colors because it traditionally carries far more meaning that any of the other colors. Today we generally associate red roses with romance and love however these roses have a wealth of history behind them that gives them their significance. Artists from cultures across the globe have used red roses as inspiration in their work all throughout history, from paintings to poetry, all the way up to the modern day. Red roses have long been the premier color of rose for a wide variety of reasons.

Even to this day red roses are still one of the most popular and widely recognized ways of telling someone special that you love them. All the history behind this flower has culminated to form the modern image it now has as a rose for lovers. Red roses are traditionally given on Valentine's Day but they also make exceptional gifts for just about any day throughout the year. What partner would not love to receive a bouquet of red roses, even if for no special reason at all? Red roses and their meanings can have a dramatic effect on the recipient.

Pink Roses and their Meanings:

Pink roses are one of the oldest roses that we have record of, which probably is the reason for their rich history. Pink roses were some of the first roses that we know of to ever be cultivated and they were available in many different shades. Many of the world's earliest pieces of artwork actually depict pink roses more than any other color. For these reasons and more it is believed that the pink roses were the dominant species of roses growing in the wild, and most likely they were one of the first to evolve as well.

Pink roses above all else are a known symbol of gratitude and love. Because pink roses were so prevalent in older times, they eventually took on the mantle as a symbol of elegance and grace. In some cultures they represent poetic romance and sweetness. There are many different shades of pink roses and some hues even have their own meaning. Dark pink roses and their meanings are used to represent appreciation and gratitude, while the lighter pink roses are more commonly associated with feelings of admiration and gentleness. One of the most common symbolic meanings of pink roses is to express sympathy for another.

Yellow Roses and their Meanings:

Yellow roses believe it or not were not actually discovered until the 18th century, where they were found in the Middle East growing naturally. Since at the time rose cultivation was dominated by pink roses and in some cases white one, it wasn't long before yellow roses quickly gained popularity among growers and consumers. Around the same time of the discovery of yellow roses, new techniques were being developed to cross-breed and hybridize roses and these new processes took the evolution of yellow roses to a whole new level.

As the breeding techniques for yellow roses evolved, so did the meaning of these particular flowers. Because of its bright color, yellow roses were often associated with light and warmth, and with the sun, much throughout history. In many cultures yellow roses would symbolize power, wisdom, and joy. In other cultures, primarily in Europe, these roses took on a very negative tone, representing jealously and love that was dying. Over the centuries however happier symbolism won out over the negatives and yellow roses have evolved to become a universal symbol for friendship and joy. Most people today will get warm feelings of happiness when given the gift of a bouquet of yellow roses and their meanings.

White Roses and their Meanings:

White roses are considered by some to be among the prettiest roses available. Their pristine white petals are often associated with thoughts of innocence, purity, and secrecy. In many legends and myths throughout the centuries, different cultures have many varying stories on how the first white rose originated. You will often see pure white roses depicted in works of art either stained with blood or with the imprint of a kiss. These depictions have gone a long way to reinforce the image of purity that a white rose represents.

In modern times white roses have become well known as bridal roses and are used as the ever traditional flower for weddings. In these instances the white roses are meant to symbolize virtue, unity, and the pureness of new love. White roses can also be given as a symbol of honor and reverence for another. In this capacity you will frequently find white roses adorning funeral caskets as a memorial to a loved one who has recently departed. A bouquet of white roses can symbolize a far deeper complexity than these simple looking flowers first appear.

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Roses and their Meanings
Roses and their Meanings
Roses and their Meanings
Roses and their Meanings
Roses and their Meanings