Small Garden Landscape Ideas

Introduction to Small Garden Landscape Ideas:

Attractive small landscape ideas can be found just about anywhere these days. A walk around your local neighborhood is bound to turn up dozens of ideas that you'll find interesting, or you could visit a botanical garden near you. Inspiration for small garden designs can sometimes be found in places you may not expect as well. If you are struggling for ideas, maybe we can help!

A Welcome Garden is a great way to start off your landscaping. Welcome gardens would be something planted in the front of your house, generally along the highest traffic area. As the name implies, the garden is meant to welcome visitors to your home and stimulate their senses. If you think about it, how many times have you visited friends and family and have been stunned by a particular garden they designed? Was it eye catching? Did it give off any wonderful fragrances? Was it something that made you ask them how they did it or what type of plants were in it?  Think about these small garden landscape ideas.

Planning Small Garden Landscape Ideas:

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then the gardener did their job well. Let's face it, we rarely remember poorly designed gardens right? Unless of course something completely atrocious crosses our path, but the reality is a well-planned garden is a great way to get people's attention and to show off your gardening skills.

A few tips to think about when planning small garden landscape ideas. First consider your audience, mainly YOU! You are going to be the one who sees this garden more than anyone else, so first and foremost choose plants and designs that best suit YOUR tastes, not someone else's. Colorful plants are always a sure-fire way to catch people's attention and it never hurts to add a little fragrance in the air to welcome you as you near the garden.

Keep in mind the bloom times of each of the plants you put into your garden because while it would look good for a short while to have a mass of spring blooming bulbs, the rest of the year the garden will be lackluster and not very inviting. Be sure to come up with a good mix of plants that bloom at varying times throughout the season, that way you can enjoy your welcome garden all season long!

Shaded Small Garden Landscape Ideas:

Shade gardens are another great idea, especially for areas around your home where other plants may not grow well. We all have sections in our gardens that just do not get the right amount of sunlight because of trees or structures. Rather than just accept that you can't have a garden in these areas, consider turning them into a shade garden.

To give you an example that you might be able to relate to, at our house we have a rather large maple tree in the back corner of the property that just relentlessly sucks up all the sunlight destined for that portion of the yard. As a result very few things grow well in the shade of that tree, even the grass struggles. For years we've invested our time and energy into various small garden landscape ideas all around our home, but this section of yard was always an eye sore.

As a result the base of this tree became our compost pile over the years for lack of a better use for it, until one year we dug up a bunch of overgrown hostas from another flower bed and tossed them under the tree onto the pile. Instead of dying off and become part of the compost, the plants actually rooted and began taking off all on their own. There were several different varieties that we had thrown onto the pile, so as each one grew they started filling out and covered much of the pile with lush green variegated foliage.

Small Garden Landscape Ideas with Hostas:

Now we had written these plants off but Mother Nature obviously had another idea in store for us. We let them go for a season to see what they would look like with a full year's growth behind them. The following year those hostas came back bigger and better than they ever looked in the gardens we had yanked them out of, much to our surprise and elation! Finally we had stumbled upon plants that not only grew under this monster tree, but seemed to thrive there! Needless to say the hostas stayed, the compost pile was raked out and shaped, and we added a few more varieties to the mound, along with some large stones as accent pieces. It was one of those completely random small landscape ideas that turned into one of our favorite gardens.

Water gardens are becoming increasingly more and more popular these days as gardeners are constantly looking for new ideas to add to their designs. It used to be setting up a water feature was costly and complicated, which was enough to scare off many gardeners from even considering these types of small garden landscape ideas.

Small Garden Landscape Ideas with Water Features:

The fact is water gardens are very easy to setup and all the materials you need are available at your local garden center or home improvement store. As demand has increased, companies have found ways to make these products cheaper and easier to use. Most are available in kits that include everything you need to get your pond or fountain up and running, so there's no reason you should be scared to try them.

Water features are most commonly sunk into the ground and then blended in with soil and mulch, or they are set above ground into stone walls and mounds to give the appearance of a rough mountain stream. Both are equally appealing and it just depends on your own personal tastes. These small garden landscape ideas can be built into just about any size space and make wonderful additions to your home!

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Small Garden Landscape Ideas
Small Garden Landscape Ideas
Small Garden Landscape Ideas
Small Garden Landscape Ideas
Small Garden Landscape Ideas