Tomato Sauce Recipes

Introduction to Tomato Sauce Recipes:

Making your own homemade tomato sauces from scratch is a fun way to make use of all those extra tomatoes you have in your garden. Believe it or not, it's also a way to get the family involved in a constructive hobby as well. I was shocked how quickly the kids wanted to join in when I first starting canning my own, but I certainly wasn't going to discourage them.

Making your own homemade tomato sauces is actually very easy and only requires a few basic ingredients that you probably already have around your home anyway. This is also another great reason to have a small herb garden somewhere around your home as well because virtually all of the best sauce recipes will use herb staples such as oregano, basil, garlic, parsley, and plenty of others. I have long since lost my taste for most commercial tomato sauces so I started making my own because I refused to give up my love for spaghetti. In the process I took to herb gardening as well just for this reason.

Preparing Tomato Sauce Recipes:

There are three essential ways of preparing tomato sauce recipes. The first one is long simmering your sauce. This is my personal favorite because this is where the real art of seasoning the sauce plays out, blending all the different flavors into the perfect sauce…perfect that is for the one who gets to eat it! Sauce made in this fashion tends to be thicker because more water is cooked off. The long simmering process also really melds all the various flavors together making a much richer sauce.

I also like to add chunky cuts of onions and peppers to my homemade tomato sauces and this process even makes those vegetables taste better. If you are not a gardener, or tomatoes are out of season, you can substitute canned tomatoes for most recipes. If you end up harvesting more tomatoes than you know what to do with, a good solution is to make a few batches of tomato sauce and store them for future use. I like to make an oversized batch for dinner, so I can put the leftovers into the freezer and thaw out for the next use.

Barely Cooked & Uncooked Tomato Sauce Recipes:

The second method of making homemade tomato sauce recipes is the "barely cooked" method. These types of sauces have a much lighter flavor because you will get a bigger taste of the fresh tomatoes. Cooking them slightly will soften the tomatoes and make them sweeter, but you will find the tomatoes still retain some of their tart taste. A good way to add a blend of flavors to the sauce is to sauté some garlic, onions, and herbs in a pan until caramelized, before mixing them in with the tomatoes.

The third way of preparing sauces is using fresh, raw ingredients, uncooked. Uncooked tomato sauces are very popular at parties and get togethers with chips and dips. Most people commonly refer to these types as salsa, but there are numerous ways to prepare raw tomatoes into a delicious sauce. Raw tomatoes are commonly prepared with as little seasoning as some basic pepper and salt, a little olive oil, and whatever fresh herbs you desire. These types of sauces are commonly used for dipping bread or for spreading over bread cuts as appetizers.

Tomato Sauce Recipes #1:

Here is one homemade tomato sauce recipe that you can try. This is a long simmer and will take about 4 and a half hours. The ingredients you will need are as follows:

10 tomatoes fully ripened

1 chopped onion

1 chopped green pepper

2 chopped carrots

4 minced garlic cloves

2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp butter or margarine

1/4 cup chopped basil

1/4 cup red wine

1/2 tsp oregano

1 bay leaf

2 celery stalks

Start off by boiling a pot of water. While the water is coming to a boil, have ready a bowl filled with ice water. Once boiling, put all of the tomatoes into the pot for about a minute until the skins begin to peel. Then place them in the ice water to cool off so they can be handled. Take off all the peels and remove the seeds. Two of the tomatoes should be chopped and placed aside, while the remaining 8 are pureed in a blender.

Set a large pot on medium heat and start cooking the oil and butter, then put in the garlic, carrots, peppers, and onions until they soften up. Add the remaining ingredients and simmer for about 4 hours covered, making sure to stir frequently. Once done, strain out the celery and bay leaf and you are ready to serve.

Tomato Sauce Recipes #2:

This next homemade tomato sauce recipe falls under the barely cooked category, and I have used this recipe numerous times for quick pasta dishes and have never had a complaint. Here is what you need:

4 tomatoes 

2 diced red peppers

1 chopped onion

1 tsp garlic

Salt and pepper

Start off with a pot of boiling water for the tomatoes. Place the tomatoes in just long enough for the skins to split, roughly a minute or so. Run the tomatoes under cold water until they are cool to the touch and then peel off all the skins.

Then you can either chop the tomatoes coarsely, quickly run them through a food processor, or just place them into a skillet and mash them by hand. You are not pureeing them, just a coarse mash is sufficient. Mix in the remaining ingredients except for the salt and pepper and simmer on low for roughly 20 minutes. Just long enough for the peppers and onions to become tender. Once ready add enough salt and pepper for your tastes and you are ready to serve over your favorite pasta!

These are just a couple tomato sauce recipes that you can try, or you can take one of these and alter them to create a whole new recipe.  Your options are pretty much limitless!

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Tomato Sauce Recipes
Tomato Sauce Recipes
Tomato Sauce Recipes
Tomato Sauce Recipes
Tomato Sauce Recipes