Types of Roses

Introduction to Types of Roses:

There are so many different types of roses out there that growing them is an incredibly satisfying experience for many gardeners, some of which dedicate their entire lives to creating new and exciting varieties for the rest of us to enjoy. Selecting roses is often a difficult choice because there are just so many to choose from. Caring for them can often be just as difficult because some varieties require much more attention than others. In this section we will cover everything you ever wanted to know about roses.

Floribunda Types of Roses:

Floribundas are some of the most colorful roses you'll find in any landscaping ideas. These different types of roses have only recently been developed in the past century and will produce blooms as large and as showy as the hybrid tea roses, they will also bloom more vigorously with clusters ranging up to fifteen blooms. Floribundas are exceptionally versatile bushy shrubs and will fit well into any sunny location.

Among this type is the Day Breaker. This upright floribunda produces a multi-colored bloom the blends from yellow to pink to apricot. The blooms can grow as big as 4 inches across with up to 35 petals each. This variety grows into a medium size bush that is about 3 feet across and 3 feet high.

Another type of floribunda is the Livin' Easy. This constant bloomer is best suited for mass plantings and it will produce elegantly ruffled orange flowers with up to 28 petals each

Hybrid Tea Types of Roses:

Hybrid teas are among the most popular roses that gardeners will buy. These are the long stemmed varieties that grow tall and make ideal roses for cutting or buying at your local florist. Most often the hybrid teas will have one rose per stem rather than growing in clusters like some other varieties. The blooms themselves you will notice have a high center point. Many of these varieties offer and exception fragrance and these are traditionally planted as the focal point in a traditional garden.

One such variety is the Memorial Day hybrid tea rose. This rose is truly stunning with a pink bloom that can grow as big as 5 inches across and contain up to 50 petals each. This variety is a vigorous rose that not only is a great performer but it is also very disease resistant and it thrives in hot weather. This is one such rose that is very easy to grow for beginning gardeners.

Another stunning example of a hybrid tea rose is Love & Peace which will absolutely mesmerize rose lovers with its unique coloring and fruity fragrance. Each bloom can grow up to 5 inches and will reveal large golden flowers that are edged with pink trim.

Shrub & Landscape Types of Roses:

These are the varieties that have changed many gardeners' perceptions on roses. One of the reasons is because of how naturally resistant to diseases they are. They tend to bloom much longer than other varieties of roses over a fairly long growing season. Because they are naturally compact plants, they will require very little pruning which is a joy for most growers. They also tend to do well across a wide range of climates as well with minimal attention needed from the grower.

A beautiful example of a landscape shrub rose would be the Lady Elsie Mae that produces stunning coral colored blooms all through the summer and into the fall months. This particular variety is well suited for container growing as well, making it all that much more versatile. The blooms will cluster on stems ranging up to 20" long.

Or you could plant the AARS winner from 2000, the Knock Out Rose. This variety grows to roughly 3 feet tall and will keep blooming well into late fall, producing amazing clusters of brilliant red flowers blooming in cycles about every 5 to 6 weeks

Miniature Types of Roses:

The miniatures are the smallest of all the rose plants you are going to find and you will be amazed at how much attention these little roses can draw. They typically will grow as short as 6 inches and as tall as 2 feet depending on the variety. These also tend to be very hardy roses that like to flower continuously, making them exceptionally well suited for container growing. You can also use these little beauties in instances where space is an issue, such as a small patio or balcony.

If yellow is one of your favorite colors then try the miniature rose Sun Sprinkles. This little gem will absolutely burst to life early in the growing season and it will continue to impress throughout with its stunning blaze yellow blooms that are sure to add a spark to any of your landscaping ideas.

You could also plant Child's Play into your favorite container or planter and set it next to your favorite sitting area outside. This amazing plant will grow about 2 feet tall and form a nice dense little bush that produces gorgeous white blooms that are edged in pink. You could plant this variety in a window box outside of your favorite window so you can see it every day!

Grandiflora Types of Roses:

Grandifloras are a cross between the hybrid tea roses and the floribunda roses. Grandifloras tend to be elegantly tall plants that offer the classic clustered flowers of a floribunda, with stems that are a little shorter than the hybrid tea rose. These varieties will bloom repeatedly throughout the growing season which makes them wildly popular among rose growers. The varieties of this type typically grow upwards of 6 feet tall.

A novel version of a grandiflora would be the About Face rose. What makes this variety unique is the blooms are reversed from most roses with the lighter yellow color on the inside of the petals and a rich orange reddish color on the outside. This is very different from most varieties. This variety is extremely vigorous and produces long stems.

If traditional roses are more your thing you could look into the Crimson Bouquet rose. This variety offers a gorgeous classic red rose that comes on lush clusters of blooms with dark green leaves. While this variety is not quite as tall as other grandiflora, it has an exceptional resistance to most diseases that afflict roses.

Climbing Types of Roses:

Climbing roses are among some of the most popular roses that you will find anywhere. One of the biggest reasons they are so popular is because of how large some of these varieties can grow at full maturity. Some will get as big as 30 feet tall! Not everyone has room for a rose that grows that big but there is a lot of versatility in these roses that make them attractive options for many growers. If climbing roses are your thing, there are a great many different types of roses for you to choose from!

If you are looking for traditional red roses, you may want to look into the classic Don Juan climbing rose. This rose has a strong fragrance and deep rich red blooms that bring a certain elegance and romance to any garden space you want to give it. The Blaze climbing rose is another great red climber that adorns many garden pillars and trellises around the world.

Perhaps you are one of those growers who likes the classic white rose look. Not to worry, take a look at the Iceberg climbing rose and see if that tickles your fancy. I personally have one of these in my own garden and even though white is not one of my favorite colors, this climbing rose is indeed one of my favorites.

If you are like me and yellow climbing roses are your thing, then you just have to check out the Lady Banks climbing rose. Not only is this rose an absolute stunner but it is also nearly thornless! You can also consider the yellow Casino rose, as well as the Golden Showers climbing rose. Both of which are absolutely gorgeous and will provide you with all the bright yellow blooms you could ask for. Be sure to check out all the many different types of roses in our climbing roses section at the top of this page.

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