Valentine Day Roses

Reasons for Valentine Day Roses:

There are few women around that do not understand the significance of getting roses on Valentine's day, and there are few men around who do not understand the consequences of forgetting to do so! Giving gifts on Valentine's Day is one of the most time honored traditions we have and it has been a practice that has been handed down throughout the ages.

The most common gift offered on Valentine's Day are roses, followed up by candy and often different greeting cards that you give to your loved one to remind them how special they truly are to you. They have long been the standard for Valentine Day roses and florists around the world have created endless arrangements that are sure to suit just about anyone's taste and budget. From large and flamboyant arrangements to small and intimate ones, no matter what your budget or affection requires, there is a rose arrangement out there for you somewhere.

The History of Valentine Day Roses:

According to records of ancient fossils, roses have actually been growing on our planet for roughly thirty five million years. The earliest indication we have of mankind growing and cultivating roses for personal use only dates back about 5000 years in China. The ancient Romans were known to grow rose plants to use in perfumes, for medicinal purposes, and to use the petals as confetti during public events. The Roman nobility created large public rose gardens for the public to visit and enjoy as well. For thousands of years roses were a commonly grown plant among wealthy landowners.

At one point during the 17th century there was such an overwhelming public demand for roses that rose water became accepted for use as legal currency and as a standard for trading and bartering. During the late 18th century traders finally introduced cultivated roses from China into Europe. These ancestral plants were to become the forefathers of the roses we now have in the modern day. As technology and logistics improved over the centuries, roses are now grown and cultivated in such extreme quantities that you can find them available in virtually every grocery and corner store, garden center, and even our own home gardens. Valentine Day roses certainly had an interesting start.

Why Give Valentine Day Roses?:

Today giving roses on Valentine's Day is the most undeniable way of telling your significant other how you feel about them. Valentine's day has always been a traditional day where two people can set aside their day to day lives for a short while and simply revel in each other's company and express to one another how they truly feel. There are many gifts that one can give on this special day to convey one's feelings, but few other gifts can send quite the same romantic message as a bouquet of roses.

Roses are not simply given on Valentine's Day either. It is common practice to take roses to operas, plays, ballets, and other similar performances to hand out to the performers at the end for a job well done. Roses are often bought for birthday and Christmas, and just about any other special day that you want to tell your loved one how much you care. Quite often over the centuries, men have found the gift of roses to be quite effective as an apology as well, when one puts a foot in his mouth, or does something that is displeasing to his partner.

The Meaning of Valentine Day Roses:

Most people are familiar with red roses as the traditional Valentine Day roses, but how many people actually understand the significance of that particular rose? The color red has actually evolved over thousands of years as a color that once symbolized life, into the metaphor it has become today to represent love and deep emotions. The Greeks and Romans believed the color red was tied closely with their goddess of love. Today we automatically associate red roses as a traditional symbol that represents romance and love which is why they have become a common gift on Valentine's Day.

Many of mankind's earliest cultures would use red roses as decoration for their marriage ceremonies and quite often the red roses were worked in as part of the bride and groom's wedding attire. It was a result of these very early practices that Valentine Day roses became well known as symbols for fidelity and for love. As this tradition started to gain prevalence around the world, and roses and other flowers were exchanged between intimate companions as an expression of their love, it was only natural that red roses rose to the forefront as the flower of choice for expressing one's love to another.

Other Valentine Day Roses:

As red roses become synonymous with the meaning of love, other colors of roses began to take on different significant meanings of their own as well. While it was perfectly acceptable to give red roses to a loved one, you sure did not want to make the mistake of giving one of your friends the gift of red roses as they would surely get the wrong message.

Purple Roses are often not seen on Valentine's Day, but that does not mean they are insignificant. These sweet roses are usually given as a precursor, letting the recipient know that you have fallen in love with them at first sight!

Orange Roses are a subtle message that one gives to another to symbolize desire.

Yellow Roses are a very common gift for Valentine's Day and they are used to signify friendship and/or happiness with another.

Pink or Peach Roses can be given when you want to express appreciation or gratitude towards another. Light pink roses are used to convey sympathy.

White Roses are often given when one wants to express reverence for another, or convey humility.

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Valentine Day Roses
Valentine Day Roses
Valentine Day Roses
Valentine Day Roses
Valentine Day Roses