Yellow Climbing Roses

Introduction to Yellow Climbing Roses:

Of all the different types of roses out there, I have to admit the yellow roses are among my favorite. I really can't explain why other than to say it's a feeling that is inspired when I find myself looking at them. The first rose bush I ever planted at my current home was a yellow climber and it is still growing today, some 10 years later in the front of my home.

I've grown lots of roses over the years and even remember helping my mother tend her rose garden growing up. I was never a big fan of the pinks or the reds, even though they are by far some of the most popular varieties out there today. I've always been more partial to the warmer colors in my garden, and when it comes to yellow climbing roses, you certainly have an assortment to choose from!

Different Types of Yellow Climbing Roses:

If you are looking for a great yellow rose as a climber, take a look at Casino yellow roses. This stunning beauty will grow upwards about 10 to 12 feet tall, which is very manageable for a climbing rose. The Casino rose will bloom a sweet lemon color that is great for any of your landscaping ideas, and another nice trait of this rose is that it will repeat bloom several times a year if you deadhead the spent blooms.

If your tastes are more traditional and you prefer the older garden roses, take a look at the Lady Banks yellow roses. This particular rose dates back all the way to 1824 when it was first introduced. The Lady Banks is a very vigorous climber and is considered a rambler rose because it is capable of reaching heights of well over thirty feet tall. This is one great climbing rose, however you will need to give it a lot of space because it will quickly crowd out other nearby plants.

One of my personal favorites among yellow climbing roses is the Golden Showers rose. I actually have two of these growing around my home, one in front of a big bay window that I keep around 8 feet tall, and the other one I keep growing in a large container on my patio because it is such a great smelling rose that I just had to have it near where we sit. The Golden Showers rose is a rather short rose for a climber, only growing to about 10 feet tall at full maturity. The blooms it gets however are a great size at about 4 to 4.5 inches in diameter. If you are diligent with deadheading, these gorgeous roses will just flower over and over throughout the season…and I've noticed I still get sparser blooms even when I don't.

Planting Yellow Climbing Roses:

If you received your yellow roses as a bareroot plant, then the planting process is a little different than if you purchased your roses in a container all ready to bloom. The bareroot plant is still dormant, so you will first need to soak the roots overnight in a bucket of water to help wake it up. We actually have a great in depth article on Planting Bare Root Roses in our main category, just use the search box to find it quickly and it is loaded with a lot of details. For the purpose of this article we will just give you the basics.

You should also have a bag of organic compost handy when you're ready to begin planting your yellow climbing roses. After you dig your hole, mix in a little compost with the soil at a ratio of 2 parts soil to 1 part compost. This is a great amendment for any soil and will give your roses a real boost!

For bareroot yellow roses, dig your hole as wide as you need it to be to handle the roots without forcing them into the hole. It should also be deep enough so that you can mound up some soil in the center of the hole and keep the bud union about an inch or two below the surface once the hole is filled.

Once you have your yellow climbing roses set into the hole, drape the roots down around the mound so they angle outward, then back fill the hole about halfway to start with. Water the loose soil thoroughly until it is like mud. Back fill the hole the rest of the way and water it once more. What you are doing is ensuring that the soil completely covers the roots of your yellow roses and no air pockets have formed.

For a container rose this is not a concern so you need only dig the hole about twice the diameter of the container they came in and equally as deep. Since your yellow climbing roses are already established in the containers, you want to maintain the same depth on the bud union as they are in the containers.

Caring for Yellow Climbing Roses:

Taking care of your yellow roses is easy if you follow a few basic guidelines. First off, make sure that you monitor the moisture level of your roses. A good rule of thumb is one deep watering per week, unless you live in an unusually hot climate, then you might step it up to every 4-5 days.

Apply a generous layer of mulch around the base of your yellow roses. Mulch provides numerous benefits such as keeping the soil temperature cool, retaining moisture, and it provides a valuable barrier between the leaves of your plants, and the soil which could contains pests and diseases.

Pruning yellow roses is almost always done in early spring before the leaves open up. Remove all the dead and diseased canes, and clean up any dead leaves and debris from around the base of the plant. This is the time to train and shape the remaining canes as well by tying them off to the supports, or pruning them back to a bud that faces the direction you want them to go.

Yellow roses are my absolute favorite and if you give your proper care and maintenance, I'm sure they will become your favorites as well!

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Yellow Climbing Roses
Yellow Climbing Roses
Yellow Climbing Roses
Yellow Climbing Roses
Yellow Climbing Roses